The Nairobi Bachelor’s Destinations: Oloolua Nature Trail

NOTE: Read about the first two posts on the Nairobi Bachelor’s Destinations where I shared about The African Heritage House and the Ololosokuan Nature Trail.

The Oloolua Nature Trail is just like any other found in the city. There’s not much of a difference with let’s say Karura Forest trails, but then there is just something about it that leaves you wanting to go back. It has been a while(a year and a half) since I was there, but my photographic memory of the place still lingers. It is one of the coolest and calmest places you will find in Nairobi(it’s neighborhood is a big plus). Located in Karen, you are sure not to experience crowds while you take a walk or a jog around. The picnic areas are also very nice, with benches and well maintained grass for the lovers of the traditional picnic.


Oloolua Forest is a haven of indigenous trees. The Mbagathi river cuts through the forest hence some thick bushes and undergrowth. It is a dense forest. The trails however are well marked and cleared. There is a 20-foot waterfall along the trail(not far from the gate) that I will highly encourage you to visit. It’s not the greatest of falls, but if you refer to the one at Karura as ‘falls’, then this is a taller fall.

The Waterfall


The Maumau caves are also something to check out, and explore for the brave. The occasional flying out of bats sacred my friends and I and we couldn’t go in. Also carry a flashlight.

The trail

Getting there is pretty simple, drive on Uhuru highway from city centre till Nyayo stadium roundabout then turn right into Langata Road. Drive past Bomas of Kenya junction and The Junction mall till you get to the junction to Hardy. Turn left into Langata South Road, then right onto Bogani Road. Drive ahead till the junction of Bogani and Karen Roads the turn left, Oloolua Nature Trail gate is 500M or so ahead.


If using public means, take Matatu number 24 at Bus Station and alight at the junction of Bogani and Karen Roads. Alternatively, ask to be dropped at Karen Blixen Museum. Oloolua Nature Trail gate will be 500M or so to your left, you can’t miss the signboard.

Distance from Nairobi: 18KM
Fare: Ksh. 200, total for both ways (on the high)
Activities: Jogging, Sightseeing, Walking, Picnic, Camping.



3 thoughts on “The Nairobi Bachelor’s Destinations: Oloolua Nature Trail

  1. Hi am interested to visit this place but the contact number you’ve provided isn’t going through Kindly if there is another way of contacting the site manager kindly send it to the email I will indicate below. Thank you.

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    1. Hi Emily. The number provided is the official number, I have no other number to call. The best option would be to just go, you don’t need to reserve first. They are open from 8AM to 5PM everyday. In case you need directions then feel free to enquire, I will be happy to help


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