Watamu Bliss

Happy new year folks! Welcome back to another 12 months of sharing travel stories we experience, especially those we want to forget..hehe! Anyone with a quick getaway experience over the holidays you need to share? Those who saved enough, and the rich kids. Some of us had used all our savings(..in a pretty good way) by the time we got to the holidays we just had to stay in our beds and like your Instagram photos. Several people were down at the coast(as is the norm), good for you. cropped-img_20161203_174410.jpg

Anyway, this should be a year of traveling to newer destinations and redoing those that made 2016, like the trip I will share about in this blog post. We should all aspire to travel more, and it is not expensive as many of us are made to believe. For starters, read TEMBEA KENYA CHEAP, get the important tips.

We planned a trip to Watamu with a few friends late last year. We were planning on doing it on the 12th December ‘long weekend’ but due to some unavoidable circumstances (avoidable, but I do not want to be murdered about this), we rescheduled to a week earlier. The Plans were simple and straightforward. We were 8, booked a rental through Airbnb (this platform works wonders, trust me) and travelled by bus. Each of us roughly used up to Ksh. 10000 at the max for the trip. dscn9240

Watamu is grossly understated when people try explaining the place to you. Pure heavens! All those crowds around the beach, nada. All those plastics and forgotten underwears you jump as you walk around the sand, I think somebody picks them up in the morning. Hahaha! The sand is white, and I mean white as your teeth. Watamu is a very peaceful town, with a few locals and retirees from Europe going on with their business undisturbed. I must say the weather is not as unforgiving as the Mombasa one. And the ocean breeze helps matters even more.

Our home

I can try and explain Watamu, but you will have to experience it to understand my words. Just to help you plan, I will share how we managed the financial part.

The beach on the Watamu Marine Park Side

Transport: Modern Coast to and fro. I wouldn’t recommend them though, we went through hell on our trip there. You can use Tahmeed, Mash or Buscar…newer buses.

Accomodation: Try traveling as a group and get to rent a beach house(or any other) via Airbnb or SleepOut or Wonders Of Watamu. It is much cheaper than staying in a hotel, whose prices are over the roof I must say(…tafadhali serkal). You will also save on food since you will be cooking for yourselves, with supplies bought at cheaper prices. *Some rentals provide cooks.

Getting around: This is pretty much by tuktuk or motorcycles, and you’ll love it.

Chilling area of the property
Ocean bath

While in Watamu we visited the Watamu Marine Park, entrance is only Ksh. 130 for citizens (or just about there) and then you pay an extra Ksh. 4000(you can bargain) for a boat that will take you into the ocean to view the ocean creatures. You may be even lucky to get to see dolphins, but this needs for you to be up early in the morning.

Not our boat, hehe!
Mama Africa was ours, with Captain Ahmed

We had planned to aslo visit Gede Ruins and the crab shack restaurant (was told it has the best sunset view), but our time management due to excitement was very poor hence did not get to go there. Not much regrets though, the 4 hours we spent deep into Indian Ocean were worthwhile.


Enjoying the view!

dscn9307Of course, I will be going back.



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