The Nairobi Bachelor’s Destinations: African Heritage House

End month is almost here, and with it comes that precious thing we call salary. Well, for some of us the last week of the month is never a good time. You remember that round of pint you paid for when your mates dragged you of the house at the beginning of the month,  you remember that nyama choma you offered to pay for on that second weekend in Rongai, you remember that movie you decided to buy but got disappointed after watching. Meanwhile, all around you people are out and about visiting the Mara, posting photos of their coastal escapades(I’m looking at you Nas) and tweeting photos from ‘Somewhere in Kenya'(These are the worst humans out there, making you jealous and not letting you know whether you can counter their bragging by saying you have been there). I am not sure where you went wrong, but I think you may not have read the post on how to TEMBEA KENYA CHEAP.0a3366841ba2aa5a404d09a5ed35b5ff184da277

Anyway, you may get lucky this week or you got a friend who is a banker(they have been paid people) and that urge of travel is strong. Well, I got a few places to suggest that you could visit and not spend a lot on. I call them ‘The Bachelor’s Destinations’. Not that they are ideal for bachelors, on the contrary they are more ideal for groups of friends or families. These are not your typical getaways (wildlife, museums, nyama choma places) but places of nature and relaxation. You go there to read a book, get away from the Nairobi noise, have time with your people laughing at stories, picnic with your loved one, sweat a bit or just walk around with your camera snapping the amazing views. They are the The Bachelor’s Destinations!

NOTE: Not going to bombard you with all destinations at once, one at at time.

1. African Heritage House

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One of the iconic and historical houses we have in Kenya. When I talk about houses, I do not mean those you visited while in school and the guide bored you with unending stories of how so and so was there for 100 days, the bed he or she slept on, the cup he or she used etc. It’s more than that. It has it’s historical part, one maybe rivaled by just that of Lord Egerton’s Castle, plus more. It has views you only see in photographs from the National Parks and Reserves. This i can’t explain fully, you just have to get there. And wait for the sunset, I strongly suggest. The interior is also one you will love. Overlooking the Nairobi National Park, it has been called “Africa’s Most Photographed House”.

The House and it’s grounds are open for several events, so it’s way to call in and know if it’s suitable for you to visit. On offer are:

  • Tours of House (includes coffee & tea)
  • Meals (poolside, terrace, or rooftop)
  • Overnight Stays (includes breakfast)
  • Conference Facilities for up to 40 people
  • Larger events, weddings, parties for up to 600 people (tents/toilets must be provided)

You can also request(or get lucky, I have on two occasions I was there) for performances by the African Heritage musicians. They are a wonderful group of artists who do everything themselves in trying to keep the African culture in Music intact. They make their own instruments and compose their own songs. I was once told Ayub Ogada performs, or used to perform, there.

To get there, drive down to Mlolongo via Mombasa Road. The entrance is on your right as you start to leave Mlolongo town(Before the flyover). It’s not easily spotted, so look for Kasina Guest House. They share the same road. If using public means, take a matatu at the Railways Matatu Stage and alight at the Mlolongo main stage from Nairobi and cross the road. It is a walking distance to the house from there.

Distance from Nairobi: 22KM
Fare: Ksh. 300, total for both ways (on the high)
Ammenities available: Swimming pool, rooftop overlooking Nairobi National Park, Large grounds.

For price inquiries, bookings or further information:
Cell: +254 (0)721 518389

AfricanHeritage House website

ARTICLE: A night at the African Heritage House

Read the second part, Ololosokuan Nature Trail.



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