The Nairobi Bachelor’s Destinations: Ololosokuan Nature Trail

In the first part of the The Nairobi Bachelor’s Destinations, I shared about The African Heritage House. It is one of the most serene and picturesque destination to go to. The second part of that post is here, a bit for the hikers.

2. Ololosokuan Nature Trailsavannah-sunset-village-resort-3484-9215a231e9618cd3b2b3b83f06c31f7686152fc6

In the outskirts of Nairobi, in the land of the Maasai, are several hills one can take a hike. The most common of them being Ngong Hills (If you haven’t been there yet, well…just amke a point). A bit further towards the North of Ngong Hills we find the Ololosokuan Nature Trail, not just your average getaway. Easily accessible  from Nairobi and offering a unique blend of hiking, rock climbing and sightseeing, all rolled into an exhilarating two to three hour escapade, it is a perfect destination on a free weekend to try and get awy from the regular and noisy city.savannah-sunset-village

Quoted information below courtesy of Jambo Nairobi:

The nature trail is part of Savannah Sunset Resort’s property . The Resort grounds are a maze of dry land bushes intersected by footpaths leading to the structures scattered on the property. One of these structures, a lookout platform extending to the edge of a precipice serves as a viewpoint with magnificent views of the Great Rift Valley. The viewpoint faces west, providing a great vantage point for watching beautiful sunsets in a tranquil setting.

The Resort operates a campsite with self-contained tents furnished with beds and a spacious bathroom, smaller canvas tents for budget campers, as well as camping grounds for visitors wishing to pitch their own tents.

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The Ololosokuan Nature Trail, the main attraction on the property, starts off with a deceptively gentle descent through the bushes, going past massive boulders that are very popular with local rock climbers. Once in a while, the trail breaks through the bushes to reveal distant views of hills in the Rift Valley.

Eventually the trail turns into an ascent, with some sections involving mild bouldering over massive rocks, or climbing up a 40ft rock face at the head of the seasonal Ololosokuan river. Just when you think you’ve had enough rock climbing to last you a lifetime, the trail enters another dry boulder strewn riverbed that ends at another cliff face, and the only way out is to climb your way up this final cliff. Thankfully, it all comes to an end after about two hours.

No technical climbing skills are required to complete this hike, just a taste for adventure.

To get there, get to Ngong road and drive till Ngong Town. Keep on driving till you get to a junction, then turn right. 100M or so onwards, take a right turn again onto Kibiko Road. Keep on driving till you get to the end of the tarmac, and then keep on driving till you see the signpost of Savannah Sunset Resort to your left. Alternatively, you can ask for the road to Savannah Resort in Ngong Town or use your navigator. If using public matatus, take Matatu number 111 at the Railways Matatu Stage and alight at Ngong Town. From there, take a motorcycle(bodaboda) or taxi to get to the Savannah Sunset Resort.

Distance from Nairobi: 35KM
Fare: Ksh. 1000, total for both ways (on the high)
Activities: Hiking, Sightseeing, Rock Climbing, Camping.


Ksh 250 per person for groups. You may want to call and confirm that the fee hasn’t changed, before visiting.

For price inquiries, bookings or further information:
Cell: +254 (0)703116545/704 866745/723176186/721331308/722880340

Savannah Sunset Resort Website

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