Dear Travel Diary: I Wish I could Go Back

I had never been to this part of the world, had heard it on the news definitely, many times, but never been here. The weather was humid and cold, very cold. The vegetation was all green around, and the ground wet. The hills around us seemed to watch us, wondering who were these visitors all covered up heavily while the sun was shining, with the same looks the local persons were giving elgon“I know I brag a lot that I have been far and wide in Kenya, but this is a totally new world,” remarked one of the team members. This is one of the places I guarantee only 1 out of 10 of your friends have been to, if not none. The road there was one to hell, poorly maintained dirt road with potholes every 5 metres. Having just rained the previous night was not something you would wish for. We had heavy 4x4s though, so one way or another we were prepared and made it through.

The views in this region though, one of the best I have ever experienced. With the majestic Mt Elgon not so far away, the valleys on one side and the plains on the other side, this was a beauty. Oh, we were in the Mt Elgon region for a mission for Kenya Red Cross Society. DSC04214

The place is a beauty. We could see the top of Mt Elgon while in a town called Laboot, and even feel the breeze from top of the mountain. We could see the heavy vegetated areas from where we were. The local people actually lived in parts where forests were cleared.

I think this is a place I would encourage people to visit. Untraveled roads are so many there. Adventurers and travelers will love these places more. Think about it.

By Gift

  climb_mt elgon (6)-600x450

DSC04224  Kitum_20

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