The Northern Treasures

The Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) is quickly turning its attention to the remotest, but well endowed northern tourism circuit to try and save the tourism sector that has been on the downwards trend for a few years now. This has made them advertise the Northern Tourism Circuit more.

Nairobi-Marsabit road

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Fourteen Falls

So the other day I was busy coding, straining my head with java programming language when I received a text from a pal. ‘Are you on for this?’ read the text, accompanied by a screenshot of a trip planned to Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park in Kiambu county. It had been a while since I was to those sides, and never been to that Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park area at all. Being a Travel Bug is a disease, I didn’t even think about it.

And so on Saturday early morning we were on our way to Thika. It’s a long way out, probably a 3 hour or more long journey. I slept the whole way, blame it on the friends who dragged me out of bed that Friday night. I woke up somewhere between Thika and our destination. Great scenery! We stopped for ‘haja ndogo’ next to some pineapple plantations. DSCN7348 Continue reading “Fourteen Falls”


IMG_5944Hi there, another Friday is here. Welcome to this week’s Hot Seat!

  1. First, just tell us about yourself and what you are involved in.

I am Valery Cindy Namisi, 22 years of age, I have 2 brothers and live in madaraka estate. I am a fourth year student at Daystar University, athi river campus, majoring in communication, electronic media, so you can say I’m a journalist in the making. I also have a business, where I get to travel at very low and affordable prices and make a living travelling. I’m a yellow (Take the personality test at ), which makes me the sensitive soul in terms of personality. And I guess if you want to hide anything from me, you can hide it in a book. Continue reading “KNOW THE OTHER TRAVELER: CINDY NAMISI”

Dear Travel Diary: I Wish I could Go Back

I had never been to this part of the world, had heard it on the news definitely, many times, but never been here. The weather was humid and cold, very cold. The vegetation was all green around, and the ground wet. The hills around us seemed to watch us, wondering who were these visitors all covered up heavily while the sun was shining, with the same looks the local persons were giving elgon Continue reading “Dear Travel Diary: I Wish I could Go Back”


526451_10200191238438059_1283840572_n15 interviews later and we thought we could do with some changes in our weekly ‘Know The Other Traveler’ posts. We have done a lot of writing so far, putting the friends we have made in our infamous hotseat. So today, we decided to try a video interview.

We requested Ivan Malala, a friend of FunTravel Kenya for an interview and he invited us to his home. Here it is.


ObamaCare, but for our tourism

The son of the land is coming back. Somebody should be publishing a book already, and launching it on Thursday, just before he jets in. Where is that entrepreneurship skill I know we all have? The articles, the TV shows and radio interviews have been all about Obama this week, and I bet this will go on for another 2 weeks or so. As usual, social media is usually on the forefront on such matters. Hashtag topics have been the in thing, with tags such as , and already trending. Take a look. Continue reading “ObamaCare, but for our tourism”

Getting Your ‘Travel’ On

As of many of my friends, I am pretty sure there aren’t many of you who have traveled much around our beautiful country. I used to judge people by how many provinces they have been to, even just passing through. However, with the change of the administrative boundaries and structure, I bet it will be more fun right now if I ask you how many counties you have been to. That really breaks it down to a lot more corners of Kenya.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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Dear Travel Diary: Elephant Hill

LOCATION: KinangopIMG_20141115_104159

You Only Live Once – this was just a mere statement I heard my uptown friends use, until I came back to Nairobi that Saturday evening from Kinangop. I had done Ngong Hills and Crater Lake hikes before, so I assumed this wasn’t going to be an issue. My hike partner on the other hand was a first timer…she has her version of the hike. 🙂

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The Perfect Road Trip Plan

There’s planning for a weekend out, then there is planning for a perfect road trip. Planning your perfect road trip can be an exhausting ordeal, but we’ll give you some tips to reduce your stress.

Planning an awesome vacation may be easy, but road trips—where you take a long car ride and hit many stops on the way—present their own set of challenges (and opportunities). Here are a few things you should keep in mind as you plan. Continue reading “The Perfect Road Trip Plan”