Why Do You Travel?

Why Do You travel? That question asked to anyone will get a straight answer in 9 out 10 people. Ask yourself that, and I’m sure you will get an answer in a flash. Unless you are like my friend Duncan who has to complicate everything, his answer was “Depends on where I’m travelling to”. I agree with him it depends, but you got to have that main reason. Today I’d like to profile everyone into a category.

Typically, there are four types of travelers; the genuine traveler, the adventurer, the tourist and that other guy. I think you have an idea where you fall.

The Genuine Traveler

This is that guy who lives, sleeps, eats everything about travel. Most are professionals or work in the travel industry but there are a few who fell in the wrong industry but are travel enthusiasts. They love travelling and would drop most things for a chance to travel. I’d categorize my friend @thekencamp here. They genuinely love travelling. And the fact that they have traveled a lot and know much about travelling supports this. I’d have one as a friend, because trust me you..you will visit places no one else would take you. You should have one of such in your clique of friends.

Courtesy Of http://www.thekenyancamper.com
Courtesy Of http://www.thekenyancamper.com

The Adventurer

The guy who may not have traveled as much as ‘The Genuine Traveler’ but also knows alot. While the genuine traveler has traveled far and wide, the adventurer has alot o f information about certain places. This guy chooses destinations based on the activities or sites/sceneries around there. They love to take photos, know the history of the place or just wander to see more. In most cases these are the guys that have new places to visit in their bucketlists every other year. Word of advice, do not be a friend to the adventurer if you are not ready to tire. They are the best travel buddy’s though, if you want more information about destinations. Guys @MahanRajesh and @walubengovich, is that you?

IMG_20141115_125649 IMG_20141115_121723

The Tourist

Can the rest of us lift our hands please, hehe! Well, we haven’t traveled a lot and we do not  have much information about destinations. We are first time travelers just getting out of our usual environment. The tourist is simply that, a tourist. These are the guys that love going to destinations where they can busk in the sun while drinking their favorite cocktails. They love holidays and are not disturbed if they do not travel, it’s just another co-curricular to them. Not the best travel buddy’s but fun people to have around. I know a few, shoutout to  @tabzyzy@nasnasieku and @Lmutui. You won’t fail to have a few amongst your troop, they are the majority.

Coutesy of @nasnasieku
Time out enjoying a game of cards
Courtesy of Travel Diaries Kenya

That Other Guy

Are you that other guy? Traveling for all the wrong reasons is this kind of guy. Peer pressure leads the way among these. These guys love partying or simply having fun and so when a chance to do this presents itself, they are in. The destination or cost doesn’t matter to them most, if not all, of the times. DO NOT BE THIS GUY!

Courtesy of @Smalzz_

So there you have it, the four types of guys in a traveling pack, according to me. All have their advantages and disadvantages, but you got to have them to have a fun trip. What kind of traveling person are you? Please share with us your thoughts.

by Sammy A. E


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