NFvewdXpYou have probably seen his social media accounts, or even interacted with him about tourism, all we know is that he loves Naivasha..hehe! On twitter his handle is @MaMarvo, @Marvoma on Instagram and known as Marvin Ama Marvo on facebook. We wanted to know him better. Welcome to this week’s Hot Seat!

  1. First, just tell us about yourself and how you are involved in the tourism industry.

I am Marvin Ogolla. Many call me Marvo and it’s interesting that only a few know my second name, leave alone the third. I love travelling and more over making new friends. I have traveled to different places in this lovely country of ours and still would want to travel more if I get time and definitely other friends to tag along. There is nothing as nice as local tourism, I have found out that we have so much that I cannot exhaust.

With firends!
  1. Where did you get that love for tourism, nature and traveling from?

The love for tourism started during primary school trips that made me get fascinated by where we went, specifically one time while in class 5 we went to Lake Baringo. I felt it was mind blowing seeing the water boiling from beneath the earth. It felt even more interesting watching guys boil eggs using the hot water. Since then, I got an urge and knew there were many things in this country that I had to see, not only reading about them in books. I never missed any other educational trip in Primary school till I joined high school. Interesting that I hated geography but loved the tours. Hehe

  1. Are you contented with how much you have traveled and places you have visited so far? What was your best destination?

I have not yet travelled as much as I would want. I am not contented since there is still much I have not seeing and visited. The best destinations are many, I cannot point out one. Kisumu Boat ride, Tsavo National Park, Hippos camp are just but a few. I love camping because you can watch the animals from your camping area and also the place is nice for relaxing the mind with its quiet nature. Bonding too is ideal and playing the memorable childish games like *KATI, ICHO, BANO, HOP-STEP-JUMP and MUCH MORE.

Cooking during one of the camps!
  1. Take us through your travel bucket list.

Hmm…definitely using the hot air balloon in Mara and water skiing, but I will need a life jacket since I am not a good swimmer. Those are the main ones.

  1. How often do you travel?

I do travel when there is a good organization made and most importantly when there is time. If I had chance, I would travel every weekend or two weekends in a month.

  1. What are the most important lessons you have learnt from your trips?

Trips should be well organized from the word go or else everything will go wrong. Most importantly have fun while you are there and create memories. Memories are what makes trips awesome, take pictures and share.

  1. What is the most frustrating part about trips?IMG-20150814-WA0011

Getting lost… but it’s always fun. At least it’s interesting at the end of the day. Also finding that your budget estimate was lower than the real costs, always a bummer. No one should joke with money, haha.

  1. Do you consider yourself a traveler or a tourist? Why?

I think I am a TRAVELER because I travel. I don’t tour. I will one day TOUR outside the country maybe in the Caribbean countries or in Egypt and view their irrigation, but right now I travel. Do you realize your name is ‘fun TRAVEL Kenya’ and NOT ‘fun TOUR Kenya’? Hehe.

  1. Any comments on #TembeaKenya efforts and to others about traveling through Kenya?

I am ashamed to say that I have never dug deeper into the TeambeaKenya contents but I think it’s all about traveling around Kenya and appreciating all the sceneries we have and even market them. Remember as we were taught in primary school, *wahenga na wahenguzi hawakutuchana nywele kwa mfupa wa samaki waliponena… CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.

  1. Funtravel Hot Seat: You have been invited for a road-trip, have three people to invite on board but you only have two seats left; Avril, Amileena and SanaipeiTande. One will sit next to you, the other will sit at the back of the bus and the third will not board. Who will be where?

Can’t I just finish in peace, mahn. You guys are putting me on the spot. Anyway, I prefer sitting with the sexy Sanaipei Tande while Avril is at a good position where I could see her. So when Sanaipei Tande says something that is not funny I will just look back and see Avril. Amileena will remain behind.

IMG-20150814-WA0006  IMG-20150814-WA0008 

IMG-20150814-WA0014  IMG-20150814-WA0012

PS: All photos courtesy of Marvin

We are grateful to @MaMarvo for the interview. If you have any comments, please share on the comments’ section or via our twitter page @funtravelke . You can also suggest anyone to be considered for future interviews. Thank you.

*KATI, ICHO, BANO, HOP-STEP-JUMP – Local childhood games

*wahenga na wahenguzi hawakutuchana nywele kwa mfupa wa samaki waliponena… – Swahili

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