ObamaCare, but for our tourism

The son of the land is coming back. Somebody should be publishing a book already, and launching it on Thursday, just before he jets in. Where is that entrepreneurship skill I know we all have? The articles, the TV shows and radio interviews have been all about Obama this week, and I bet this will go on for another 2 weeks or so. As usual, social media is usually on the forefront on such matters. Hashtag topics have been the in thing, with tags such as , and already trending. Take a look.

Photo By @KenyattaUni on twitter

Well, the tourism sector has not been left behind, taking full advantage of this visit by the most powerful man on Earth to Kenya. Hotels around the city, 3-star and 5-star rated hotels that is, have already been fully booked(Read ‘Top hotels in Nairobi fully booked for Barack Obama’s visit’ http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2000168624/top-hotels-in-city-fully-booked-for-obama-visit via @StandardKenya) . The City has been full of activities, with huuuuuuuuuuuge helicopters flying around.

This is a chance I think we need to use fully. The President of The US coming to Kenya shows our country has been given a clean bill of health on security. We only need to make use of this to our advantage. The government has already started a campaign dubbed #ChooseKenya ,I hope this is pursued further and with more passion than its predecessors #WhyILoveKenya and #MagicalKenya .

we need more of us on this. Over the next few days, let us help get Kenya Tourism back on the map. The government to maintain our high security standrads I am sure we will experience till POTUS leaves the country, and we people to promote that brand in whatever way we can. So, when you get to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress or wahtever social media you use, can it be (http://www.choosekenya.go.ke) all the way. We can do it!


Equator crossing point in Nanyuki
Equator crossing point in Nanyuki

dsc_0307  ololokwe-samburu-camping-kenya-02

2015-02-19_17-23-44_1  Featured Image -- 656

2015-02-19_17-30-02_1  1421223_596821090354462_2090969845_o

IMG_20141204_083523_0  DSCN4225


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