10661284_1532565866976221_318470808_nOn the hot seat for today’s interview is Caroline Waithira, just recently returned to Kenya from life in Europe. Get her via her website or via her social media accounts, that is @carolroca2 on both twitter and instagram.

  1. First, tell us about yourself, your hobbies and what you are involved in (work).

I’m Caroline Waithira, an entrepreneur in the wellness and organic field (Check her website ). I believe that the healthier you are, the happier you are. I love reading, music, traveling and cooking..sometimes. Hahaha

  1. You have done several road-trips here in Kenya. That love for tourism and traveling, is it inborn or due to your line of work/activities?

Definitely inborn!!! Everything road trip excited me since I was a kid and I can assure you that nothing has changed. Right now due to the nature of my work I’ll travel even more.

  1. Are you contented with how much you have traveled and places you have visited so far? What has been your best destination thus far?

I’m still an infant when it comes to traveling and I feel like I haven’t been anywhere yet but I’m happy with the places I’ve visited. My best destination? Oh goodness, I have more than one. But if I really have to choose, gosh. I would pick between Rome and Florence, Italy.

11348236_1442305642755588_361899988_n 1389932_1495381577344306_1356799066_n

  1. Take us through your travel bucket-list.

Wow, let me try.

  1. Paris, France – I want to walk down the streets at night and fall deeply in love with the city. Sigh, I can’t wait.
  2. Iten, Elgeyo Marakwet – I’ve seen the pictures and the place is breathtaking.
  • Go on a Safari with my Italian pal. I’m sure we’re going to love it.
  1. Barcelona, London and Amsterdam…..

The list is endless

  1. How often do you travel?

Not enough. I’d travel every weekend around Kenya without complaining and at least twice per year outside Kenya (Laughs). My dreams are valid!10865016_878664262166246_1154437787_n

  1. What are the most important lessons you have learnt from your trips?

If you don’t travel you’ll think that it’s only your mother who knows how to cook. (Gets everyone in the room laughing)

  1. sasWhat is the most frustrating part about trips?

Frustrating? NONE.

  1. Do you consider yourself a traveler or a tourist? Why?

I’d say both. A tourist travels for pleasure. If you love travelling you slowly become a tourist.

  1. Any comments on the efforts to promote Kenyan tourism market and to others about traveling through Kenya?10665432_926378607377827_1111463267_n

Kenya is one of the most beautiful Countries in the world and it’s only fair that we Kenyans be the first to appreciate and promote our tourism industry. I would encourage wote tuungane and Tembea Kenya. Go round the magical Kenya.

  1. Funtravel Hot Seat: You have been invited for a road-trip, have three people to invite on board but you have only two seats left; Joseph Mwenda(DJ Joe Mfalme), Stephen Musyoka(Syoks) or Heshan Da Silva. One will sit next to you (at the front), the other will sit at the back of the bus and the third will not board. Who will be where?

(Laughs) As in seriously??? OK! Now, DJ Joe Mfalme will come with me but sit on the back seat. I love music and he is the best on the field. Wow, this is harder than I even thought it would be. Heshan da Silva will have to remain behind, but I will apologize later because I have a lot to learn from him. Syoks will be next to me. He is a cool guy.


11348236_1442305642755588_361899988_n 11378782_1439942219646039_1650498368_n


1389548_404354886357605_957367369_n 11334384_1108667009147086_327501183_n

10817657_1537257076514862_1496654712_nPS: All photos courtesy of Caroline

We are grateful to @carolroca2 for the interview. If you have any comments, please share on the comments’ section or via our twitter page @funtravelke . You can also suggest anyone to be considered for future interviews. Thank you.

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