My One And Only Karabiner

Nice one!!

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Date July 18th a Saturday it was when everything was all based and depended on this small but most important equipment for the sake of my well being suspended above the ground.

Karabiner, am yet to learn the right pronunciation is (I can’t definitely define it) a buckle like safety equipment whenever you are doing climbs or suspension on ropes, from rock climbing etc.


The image above is what is a Karabiner

Also below is a Karabiner


Yes, imagine the whole day having to depend on that simple equipment and few ropes as the only security from your crush down below where you are suspended. The truth be told, it is a new vocabulary to me and to many were together on this day.


As usual, it was at Hilton hotel right outside the Bata shop. I love telling people of where this adventure seekers meet before departure. It was…

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