Fun To Magadi

Our roadtrip to Lake Magadi on 19th September 2015…sigh. The words will be typed later, enjoy the photos first.DSCN7920

DSCN7809 DSCN8061 DSCN7810 DSCN7816 DSCN7821 DSCN7825 DSCN7830 DSCN7833 DSCN7840 DSCN7845 DSCN7848 DSCN7852 DSCN7864 DSCN7878 DSCN7882 DSCN7889 DSCN7894 DSCN7895 DSCN7901 DSCN7903 DSCN7905 DSCN7906 DSCN7907 DSCN7908 DSCN7909 DSCN7914 DSCN7923 DSCN7924 DSCN7925 DSCN7927 DSCN7930 DSCN7932 DSCN7934 DSCN7935 DSCN7936 DSCN7938 DSCN7939 DSCN7940 DSCN7944 DSCN7945 DSCN7946 DSCN7952 DSCN7953 DSCN7955


DSCN7957 DSCN7958 DSCN7959 DSCN7960 DSCN7962 DSCN7963 DSCN7970 DSCN7972 DSCN7978 DSCN7983 DSCN7987 DSCN7993 DSCN7994 DSCN8001 DSCN8010 DSCN8016 DSCN8022 DSCN8026 DSCN8030 DSCN8034 DSCN8049 DSCN8050 DSCN8052 DSCN8054 DSCN8058 DSCN8060


Be on the look out for the story soon. Thank you for all those who showed up, onto the next one. Follow us on twitter and instagram for more (@funtravelke).

Have an awesome week and thank you for stopping by.

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