Naro Moru Retreat Photos

Set out for  retreat in December with workmates to Naro Moru. Such an awesome place for team bonding and with great views at that. I’ll share some of the photos I took.

IMG-20150116-WA0006 IMG-20150116-WA0022

IMG-20150116-WA0023 IMG-20150116-WA0024 IMG-20150116-WA0030 IMG-20150116-WA0031 IMG-20150116-WA0032 IMG-20150116-WA0033 IMG-20150116-WA0034 IMG-20150116-WA0035 IMG-20150116-WA0037 IMG-20150116-WA0038 IMG-20150116-WA0040 IMG-20150116-WA0043IMG-20150116-WA0028 IMG-20150116-WA0029IMG-20150116-WA0007 IMG-20150116-WA0008 IMG-20150116-WA0044IMG-20150116-WA0009 IMG-20150116-WA0010 IMG-20150116-WA0042IMG-20150116-WA0011 IMG-20150116-WA0012 IMG-20150116-WA0039IMG-20150116-WA0013 IMG-20150116-WA0014 IMG-20150116-WA0041IMG-20150116-WA0015 IMG-20150116-WA0016 IMG-20150116-WA0036


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