Explore Waterfalls In Kenya

We all have a soft spot for waterfalls. Just a simple sudden change of the Earth’s level along a river and we consider that spectacular. Not that I will stop loving to see that water-drop, a few rocks along the stream in my hometown already has me excited. That crashing sound, the wet breeze and just the sight of the water falling make waterfalls amazing sites. And to most, peaceful. We all have been to some of the main waterfall attractions around Kenya. And I have been fortunate enough to visit a lot of them, from the tallest to the widest. Here are some of Kenya’s top waterfalls to take your date.

Karuru Falls

The Aberdare ranges, which Aberdare National Park is part of, is a hotbed of waterfalls due to the Rift Valley escarpments and the mountain ranges. Karuru Falls is one of these, and probably the best of the lot. Plunging 273M below the viewing point, the crashing sound of the water can be heard kilometers away. It falls in three tiers, with only the top tier visible from the viewing point. The green mountain vegetation around the waterfall make it a lovely spot.

Gura Falls

Gura Falls is another in the Aberdare National Park, and visible from the viewing point of Karuru Falls. They are only about 1KM apart, with a wide valley between them. With a drop of 302 meters, it is regarded as the tallest waterfall in Kenya. The site of seeing water drop over 300M while 2700M above sea level will have you feeling cold, and breathless. Such an amazing site.

Thomson’s Falls


Located in Nyahururu and 74 meters in height, Thomson’s Falls is part of the Ewaso Nyiro River(Probably the only river you remember from your Kenyan Geography lessons). The name actually is of the person who ‘discovered’ it. If I speak…. The area has been developed to be a tourist destination and you will find nature trails, curio shops and horse riding activities. There is a hippo pool upstream from the falls.

Chania Falls – Both

Yes, both. There are two of Chania Falls. The well-known and most visited is located just after Thika off the Nairobi – Murang’a Highway. With a height of 20M, it is not the highest, but very convenient for Nairobians due to its proximity.

The other is located deep in the Aberdare National Park. Dropping 25 meters, it is a spectacular sight. Although quite inaccessible, it is a perfect adrenaline spot. There is a safe area for diving, under supervision from the rangers.

Fourteen Falls

With 14 falls along the width of the Athi River, Fourteen Falls is the widest falls in Kenya. Located approximately 65KM from Nairobi off the Thika – Garissa Road, it is 27 meters tall forming a spectacular scenery. Taking a boat-ride across the wide river at is one of the fun activities to enjoy here. There is also a rich variety of bird species around the area, thus a favorite spot for bird watchers.

Lugard Falls

Lugard Falls is located along the crocodile infested Galana River in Tsavo East National Park. The falls are more of rapids than falls, with water flowing through white, pink and gray rocks forming a stunning landscape. There is a crocodile point about a kilometer downstream where visitors can view crocodile, hippos and buffaloes.

Sheldrick Falls

Deep in Shimba Hills National Reserve is a lovely 21 meters drop of fresh spring water. The waterfall plunges into a pool at the bottom, a perfect spot for one to dip into for a refreshing swim in the cool waters. The area is rich in vegetation with butterflies and birds taking advantage of this in their plenty, hence a very impressive environment for one to relax.

Tigoni Falls

Within the extensive serene tea fields of Kiambethu Tea Farm and the forested lands of Limuru is Tigoni Falls. It is hidden in a small riverine forest that is a favorite of the city’s hikers. The fall drops 18 meters and is a lovely spot for a picnic getaway.

Other falls include Adamson’s Falls in Meru National Park, Makalia Falls in Lake Nakuru Natinal Park, Webuye Falls in Webuye and several in Ngare Ndare Forest. There are also a number of small but serene waterfalls that are probably not well known, or not fully explored, especially around Limuru farms, the Aberdare Ranges and the Mount Kenya Forest area.

How many of the above have you been to? And what other falls not in the list would you love to share about?

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