Conquering the third-highest mountain in Kenya

2019-07-29 08-2056164755..jpg2019-07-29 011251535928..jpg

” It’s the toughest climb ” , they said , ”Satima will have you giving up half way,it’s tough, it’s difficult”, they continued.Every blog I read gave me something to dread about climbing Mt Satima. I remember talking to my girl Kate about it and we agreed to push no matter what.

Usually, a week before hiking I always try to eat well and increase my cardio workouts but during this particular week my body gave up on me.On Thursday evening I got so dizzy to even walk,given that I hadn’t had any food during the day I assumed that was the issue until I ended up In hospital two injections later and a week long meds packed in a bag.

There was no way I was gonna give up on a hike I had prepared for , weeks ahead.

A friend insisted that the mountain will always be there…

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