The Forest ~ Kereita


If it seems like a crazy idea, then you should probably do it. In fact, scratch that, you definitely should do it. This is what Ziplining at the forest sounded like. The Forest is this wonderful place located in Kereita slightly past Limuru town. Flying Fox (another of its names) is about 23km from Nairobi and should take you at least an hour to get there- on a good day. One could use public means up to Limuru town, then get transport to Kereita from there – in case one is not driving.

Directions can be found here

You’ll be met by this sign at the entrance.


  1. Book well in advance for whatever activity you want to participate in otherwise you’ll find a long queue and end up bored of waiting, particularly on a busy day.
  2. Weather is highly unpredictable. Be warmly dressed or carry warm clothing. Carry an umbrella as well lest you get wet.
  3. Shoes shoes shoes! Wear the right shoes – sneakers, hiking boots. The ground is not levelled and you need to protect your feet in any case so choose your shoes wisely.
  4. Carry enough money for activities and food. They have a restaurant with pretty good food and nice portions.
  5. The most important tip – be armed with your spirit of adventure.


  1. Ziplining – they have 6 ziplines. I wanted to go through all of them but only managed 2. We had not booked in advance so that was impossible (bummer).
  2. Nature trail – very serene environment. Find your zen as you interact with nature or allow it to swallow you and wow you with the tranquility it provides.
  3. Mountain Biking – you can hire a bike and cycle into the forest getting your muscles charged up.
  4. Paintball – now this one is exhilarating. Get your team and go shoot at each other. Fun!
  5. Archery – they even have a warning sign of how addictive this is. You have been warned in advance.
  6. Team Building – want to build your team’s morale out of the office? This is the place for you.
  7. Fly Fishing – catch some trout at the Gatemayo River. Don’t worry if you’re new to this activity, the instructors will guide you.
  8. Camping – does the idea of sleeping outdoors excite you? Go camp under the stars while enjoying a bonfire and probably some smores(yummy).
  9. Horseriding – trot trot trot on!
  10. Footgolf – so you like golf but want to make it more fun and interactive, this is it.
  11. Tree Planting – we can never have too many trees.

*All photos  by author

By Trishnar.
Trishnar blogs at Instagram: trishnar17 Pinterest: trishnar17

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