5 Reasons to Visit Kenya Beyond Wildlife & Safaris

Kenya is a true melting pot of culture, heritage, traditions, and some of the largest treasure of natural wonders in the world. The tourism industry has taken great advantage of this, making it a multi-million dollar economic sector. With that being said, Nairobi and other cities in Kenya offer a vast array of things to do and places to see outside of the natural wonders found in the country. Fortunately, All The Rooms has put together a cool list of reasons to visit Kenya beyond its marvelous wildlife.

Nairobi By Sopotnicki

Nairobi City Life

Nairobi By Adriana Mahdalova

Kenya´s capital city, Nairobi, is a cosmopolitan metropolis, constantly bustling with harmonious chaos. The city offers everything you´d expect from a capital but with the added excitement of being the heart of the magical continent, Africa. Here you´ll be able to satisfy all your city desires. A growing food scene offers delicacies like no other place, there’s a lively nightlife for the party-addicts, and tons of museum and cultural activities to visit — all sure to ignite your love for the fantastic city.

Mombasa and The South Coast

Mombasa By Byelikova_Oksana

Mombasa is Kenya’s second largest city and sits on the gorgeous South Coast. With a very different feel from Nairobi, Mombasa is a mixture of cultures thanks to being well positioned on trade routes. The city has strong Arabic, Indian and European influences that have shaped it and are visible in the gastronomy and architecture. Visit Mombasa and experience its exotic charm while wandering around. Be sure to visit iconic places like the 1593 Portuguese-built World Heritage Site Fort Jesus, as well as the beach resorts.

Cultural Nirvana

The Maasai By Vadim_Petrakov

Kenya is home to over 40 ethnic groups that still conserve their individual traditions and customs. The country is also home to large populations of Europeans, Arabs, Indians, and Pakistanis. This combination of cultures makes Kenya a fantastic place to learn about new people and customs. Some of the most iconic groups include the Maasai, Samburu and Turkana people, who continue to wear traditional dress and are experts in making jewelry from beads and metalwork. Although visiting some of these tribes can seem a bit touristy at times, the experience is truly authentic.

Compete in a Rally

Rally by SportCarDigest

Starting and finishing in Mombasa, the East African Safari Classic Rally is a 2,600-mile route that sets the world´s best classic car drivers against each other – all while spectators look on at the adrenaline-filled adventure. The Kenyan terrain is a great challenge for the drivers who have to dodge wildlife and do their best to leave competitors eating dust. The Rally started as an endurance race in 1953 and was restarted in 2003. If you’re competitive and have a driving license and a classic car built before 1978, sign up for the next Rally ASAP.

Cave Dining

Inside Ali Barbour Restaurant

Kenya´s lovely Diani Beach is home to Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant. The restaurant is 180,000 years old and lies 35 feet below the ground in an open-air coral cave. Diners can spend their time star-gazing while enjoying an international dinner, specializing in delicious seafood. The ambiance stays just as magical in the rainy season when the sliding protective covers create a romantic setting, perfect for couples.


By Diego Garzon

Diego is a writer by day and a reader by night. He is also the author of the first Screenwriting Manual in Spanish. He has been a creative consultant for television series and films. He lives with “the wife”, “the dog”, and “the other dog”.

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