Excite Your Body & Soul, Feel Alive

The human soul needs to be shocked every now and then for one to feel alive. Do you remember that feeling you got as a kid after stealing a piece of meat from the cooking sufuria? Or when you rode the bicycle for the first time(knowing very well a fall was inevitable)? We need that adrenaline to flow in us once in a while. Cavemen didn’t need to go bungee jumping, their daily quest for survival provided them with all the adrenaline they needed. By contrast, the modernites – with their smartphones,desk jobs & technology – are left somewhat wanting when it comes to adrenaline. Life is much safer today, but it’s also duller. Which is why the demand for adventure and extreme sports is booming –we need to feel alive.

Duf Mpararo
Photo courtesy of @turnup_travel

Today I’ll share activities found in Kenya that can be considered extreme. And the lists excludes the common such as ‘duf mpararo’ 😂. I’ve also not considered activities that deal with engine powered machines, these are purely you & nature.

1. Sky-diving in Diani

Are you crazy & brave, this is for you. Done from an aircraft, you jump out into the void 4000M up in the sky, with a parachute on your back of course(or strapped like a baby at the front of your instructor). The fall only lasts 40-55 seconds, but that’s long enough to live out Icarus’ dream and enjoy an exceptional perspective on the surrounding summits. It is also long enough to consider writing your will. Haha!

Photo courtesy of Skydive Diani

After a free fall of pure adrenaline, a smooth parachute landing on Diani Beach will calm your nerves. The scenic 5000ft gentle drop back to earth is one you have to experience. For about Ksh.35,000/- a jump(not sure of the exact amount), it is worth every penny.

@SkyDiveDiani are masters of these, get in touch with them for more.

2. Paragliding in Iten

Jumping off high hillsides and setting out into a flight high above the earth is a lifetime experience worth taking. With no age restriction, training or experience required, this is perfect for the not-so brave. For only Ksh.8,000 be a bird for 15-20min!

Photo courtesy of @mol_adriaan

It is perfect for both the sane nature lovers, a gentle scenic flight, and the ‘crazies’ seeking the rush. Who said R. Kelly’s ‘I believe I can Fly’ could not be made real?

Head over to Kerio Valley for this. Ask @XtremeOutdoor_A for help.

3. High Rope Challenges in Diguna, Lukenya & Athi River

Walking on suspended ropes & logs held by ropes isn’t the most easiest after all, you will learn. This is actually one of the hardest activities I have ever done in my life. People give up on the course in the middle, ask around.

Photo by @Jackielyna
Photo courtesy of @Jackielyna

For this you don’t need to go far, Diguna is a retreat center just before Rongai perfect for this. There’s also PEC Nature Camp & Kisames Camp also have High Rope Challenge courses.

4. Rafting in Tana River & Sagana Rapids Camp

Being rocked around on a rough river course in a boat is not something you think about and go “That’s what I’d love to do over the weekend”. Just no! We all have watched The Titanic. But it actually is a real thrill! That’s the essence of this activity.

Photo courtesy of @SaganaRapids

With the added demand for good team spirit and a hunger for adventure, this is perfect for groups during team building. Hold your on through the raging waters & rocks armed with a paddle and shielded by a helmet and life jacket. And at the end you live to tell the tale.

@SavageWiderness will arrange your date with the rapids in Sagana. Contact them!

5. Zip-lining in Kereita Forest & Machakos People’s Park

I consider this the most basic of adrenaline-rush activities. You may not even feel the rush if you are an adventure junkie.

On a harness attached to a cable (30ft above the ground), you will be propelled by gravity between two points in Machakos PP. In Kereita(Also known as the Forest) it’s more adventurous since you do a hike before you get to the start point, then zip down between trees. It’s magical!

Photo courtesy of The Forest

It’s the in-thing now, be sure to catch one of the tour companies traveling there every other weekend.

6. Bungee jumping in Sagana Rapids Camp

Launching yourself into the void from a tower with only a rope attached to your ankle doesn’t sound smart, does it? Well…

You shouldn’t consider yourself an adrenaline junkie if you haven’t tried this out. Even by just watching someone jump, you feel the rush as they plummet down from the tower. It’s the most scariest, but then relatively affordable. For only Ksh. 5000 you could have an experience of a lifetime.

Bungee Jumping
Photo courtesy of @SaganaRapids

Jumping off the board heading straight towards the Tana River, you’ll feel your soul float away. Talk to @SavageWiderness for more.

7. Wind & Kite surfing in Diani

With 300 days of wind every year, both beginners and seasoned pros can get a dose of excitement in Diani surfing. These two however require one to be certified to be allowed to venture alone into the ocean. You could go for classes!

Photo courtesy of @TheSandsKenya

In Diani you’ll get entities that offer both classes & hire out the equipment if you are a pro. @TheSandsKenya might help on this.

Honorable mentions – Hot Air Balloon in the Mara, Scuba Diving in Watamu & Cycling in Hell’s Gate. Also from the stories I’ve heard, hiking Elephant Hill & Mt Kenya and boat riding with the locals in Rusinga can be categorized into this. Some of the guys involved with such activities include @Xtrymadventures , @BikeventuresKE & @RoutesAdventure . Ask for an invite.

If I missed anything(or any activity in your village you consider dangerous) feel free to add in the comments. And thanks for stopping by, Happy Easter!


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