Jambojet goes International!

Jambojet is expanding and going international, in regional terms. On 15th February, the first Jambojet aircraft will take off from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Entebbe International Airport. This will be their maiden flight to their first regional destination, Entebbe, Uganda.unnamed

Jambojet will be flying twice daily from JKIA to Entebbe International Airport, with fares starting at Ksh 11,330. This is a fair price compared to the current lowest price, $240 on Fly540. It is also much lower than it’s parent company’s rate, $336 for the same distance. So be among the first to fly with Jambojet to their first regional destination by booking on booking.jambojet.com.

They have also announced flights to Wajir to commence as from 14th February. This is huge for those who wish to travel to the North but the road travel does not appeal to them. Check out their flight schedules for more.unnamed (1)

Courtesy of www.jambojet.com.

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