Who Are You In Your Travel Squad?

IMG-20170504-WA0036Four trips in the first five months of the year, I should be adding ‘Traveler’ to my resume. And when you consider the fact that I have spent just about Ksh. 30K in total, pretty impressive. This travel thing is becoming an addiction, and I’m getting better at ways of administering the doses. 

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I am lucky enough to have good travel groups at that, and that’s how I get on the road enough times. They give me that extra push when I’m skeptical of getting away from home. And that’s my topic for today, in the broader sense. Your Travel group(s) is essentially the people you travel with. Families are the most basic of them. Whether to the rural, or just a family getaway, most of us have been on the road with our fam. Then there are those made up of friends(And yes, it includes work trips. They are your friends!). Travel groups make us look forward to the next trip. They make us save up just for a trip. You cancel engagements when a trip comes up. They are your travel trigger! And just a note on the side, you and your person are not a travel group, more like solo travelers. That ‘two joined into one’ stuff. 😉😜😂

From my experience, for a travel group to be a perfect working machine you need to have some characters among the group. I don’t think it’s a must for your group to have all the characters all the same.

DSCN9043Most important to the group is the usually the organizer, the one who makes your itinerary(or at the very least plans). Heck, you may not even go for a trip if you don’t have somebody planning it. Where you sleep, the places you will visit, how you get from A to B; he or she needs to know beforehand.

IMG_9311There is also need for the chatterbox, the storyteller, the cartoon. When all of you are tired of talking(and trust me, you will be), there should be that person who never stops. Occasionally they will be a nuisance, just know how to make them stop. They actually may not be that interesting all the time, but if they get you to stay awake at the right times, that’s the right guy.

The third essential character is the brave one. We all think we are brave until we are told to dive out of a plane high in the skies, or get into the deep of the ocean to see the beauty of the underwater. It sounds pretty simple, a touch and go decision, you will be surprised the people to hear those who will scream. That’s when you need that ‘makmende’ guy who does it before thinking it through. Somebody doing it successfully first before us makes the fear go away, especially for those activities that were not designed for our African courage. 😂DSCN7934

The final character needed is the one who is sober in mind. The brave character will make you try out snakes and snails delicacies for the first time, but you need that other character that will make you question your choices. Most travel addicts are usually the brave, and this is why this is very important. Do not confuse the sober in mind with cowards. No, no, no! The sober in mind will not shy away, but they’ll think it through first and ask important questions beforehand. Your safety is important!

These characters may not be specifically a person each, you may have a travel group member who is all that in one. To note is that without one of the above characters, your trip will always miss an edge to it, or not be as interesting as ‘ile trip ingine’.

So, are you any of the above characters of your travel group? Or are you like the rest of us, independent candidates? Joyriding is life 😂😂.


















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