Travel Dreams

Paragliding in Iten.
Paragliding in Iten. Photo courtesy of

​It’s therapeutic to travel. Well, to me that is. After a trip I usually get back relaxed, with more solutions to my problems, or just not thinking about that which made me mad. It may be something I’ve developed over the years I’ve been traveling, but I also think this happens to everybody. You can’t go on a trip and be mad, you shouldn’t! Enjoy your time no matter your demons, and do it to satisfy your soul. You don’t want coming back from a trip without good memories. There are times nothing will go right on the whole of your trip, there are just those qtgszdph trips, but even then get something good to cling on.

Photo from Florian Keller

I’ve been reading more travel blogs over the last few months, getting inspired to travel more. I was specifically awed by an article ‘Travel Dreams Realized: Africa to Brazil‘ by Florian Keller, Managing Director of Enchanting Africa. She went on and overland travel dream of more than 40,000 km taking her from Nairobi through 25 countries around the world to Brazil. When you read the article, you will feel like you were a part of the trip, using your imagination to make up the environment as they traveled along.

Over the next few months, another travel blogger will be traveling all over Africa. @thesolowandera will be traveling through 24 African countries over 16,383 km in 168 days, meeting people and experiencing all those cultures. She’s dubbed it the #BreakingBorders tour. Read of her plans fro the trip here. I don’t know if you are jealous yet, but I know you wish you’d do that too. I may not have the capacity to do such a journey yet, but it inspired me to do my own voyage. A Kenyan voyage!

Landscape views in Iten
Views in Iten. Photo courtesy of
Roan Gazelle
The Roan Gazelle, only found in Ruma Ntl Park.

A trip that will take us through more than 5 counties, 1132+ KM, 5 full days & a lot of unexploited territory. I call it the #JibambeBarabarani roadtrip. Though the valleys of Kerio, the escarpments of Iten, the green of Eldoret & the land of ‘ingokho’ to the lakeside city of Kisumu. The Sights, Bonfires, Music & New friends, it’s all fun to showcase Kenya to the world.​


Day 1 – Nairobi~Nakuru~Bogoria

Day 2 – Bogoria~Mogotio~Iten

Runners Training in Iten
Runners train in Iten. Photo courtesy of

​Day 3 – Iten~ Eldoret~Webuye~Kakamega~Kisumu

Webuye Falls
Webuye Falls

Day 4 – Kisumu~Ruma Ntl Park~Kisumu​

Kisumu City
Kisumu City

Day 5 – Kisumu~Kericho~Narok~Nairobi

Kisumu & Lake Victoria as viewed from Riat Hills.
Kisumu & Lake Victoria as viewed from Riat Hills.

ATTRACTIONS: Rift Valley View Point, Lake Bogoria, Kerio Valley, Rimoi National Reserve, Lake Victoria, Ruma National Park, Impala Sanctuary​

Photo courtesy of
Rimoi National Park
Rimoi National Park

I know what you are already thinking, “That’s expensive you guy”. First & foremost, expensive is relative. Hahaha! And second, it’s not expensive if you budget your trip appropriately and plan it well(Read Tembea Kenya Cheap). You can travel for less to say Malindi than another person uses to a weekend in Naivasha, just be smart.

Route map
The complete journey

​The plan is to camp during the whole trip, this to reduce the costs and also to encourage more guys to do camping. Still in the initial stages of planning the trip, dubbed #JibambeBarabarani ,but if you are interested to be part of it or have any queries you can contact via twitter @funtravelke or email

Whether it’s to experience the wavy roads of Iten-Tambach, or have a jog with our world-conquering athletes, or eat the fish of Lwang’ni beach on the shores of Lake Victoria, this is the trip for you. Or you could just join because you have never been past Nakuru westwards of Kenya(or the world). Travel. Live life. Have fun!kisumuimg1


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