Dear Travel Diary: Good Music 

Some rhumba mix is playing in the background as I type this. I was supposed to be on the road during the day(today 14th April), but a cousin was driving down to the rural & I couldn’t pass on saving the fare. It’s the wise thing to do with all the buses full till Sunday, & the shuttles hiking their fares. Oh, Happy Easter to you & your loved ones too. I decided to spend time away from the city for this long weekend, 5 days is too long to be sleeping in & watching TV. To make it worse I’m done with House of Cards, got nothing to watch now. So here I am.

‘Skol’ by Koffi Olomide is now playing. I am tempted to say the music is blaring from the speakers but we all know that would be a lie. Such music doesn’t deserve the disrespect. And I’m not a teen or a ‘Cheers Baba’ kind of guy who drives around with the volume to the max. Heck, where’s the car to even drive? Hahaha, Godspeed. Anyway, where was I? Oh, me typing on my way down West. I realized it’s been a minute since I just wrote something random, not giving you guys facts or trying to convince guys to get to another destination. Adulting is not an easy thing, you feel all mature & responsible to everything. Life!!

‘Che che che che, Unapenda vitu vya che, unapenda dezo dezo…’, Tshala Mwana was good. This is my kind of music for a good relaxed roadtrip. You will never tire listening to these, calms your mind as you hum along(let’s be honest, you don’t know the words) and also allows for smooth story telling as the songs play in the background. I’m not saying listening to any other genres while on the road doesn’t allow you to talk much, but you won’t know till you’ve tried playing some rhumba.

4AM, the Kericho tea farms look like endless darkness. I can’t even see 10M away. Been on the road for 5hours already. I’d love to be around Kericho one day as the sun rises, I bet it’s a spectacle. The early morning sun rays reflecting on the dew on the tea leaves, a photographer’s paradise I’ll presume. At this rate however we’ll be enjoying sunrise at Lwang’ni Beach. I hope the hyacinth is away though, I hate what it’s doing to the Lake. Looks like an abandoned pond.

Back to the music, ‘My sweet Elizabeth where did you go?’ is the question right now. Elizabeth is being asked to go back to the singer, but Elizabeth is not interested. My cousin laughs, his ex was called Eliza. He claims he can’t be that desperate, can’t beg that much. The things we tell ourselves to feel good, haha!

I better finish this up, I need to be a better co-driver. I’m pretending to hear his stories but I’m busy typing. I know it will be a long journey back to Nairobi in 3 days time, but for now I’ve got 4 more hours to make it home. But with rhumba playing, it will feel shorter. I do not know what you listen to while traveling, but I highly recommend some rhumba. Actually, what do you listen to? Maybe I might reconsider my choice.

Now Playing: Mbilia Bel – Nakei Nairobi

Be good, travel safe & enjoy the holiday. Happy Easter!!!


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