Hotel Rooms Or Camping?

2a6b2ed554df441368c6b7a41088f438We all have our accommodation preferences when we go on our travels. Sometimes it’s not about what we want, but what we can afford. and even other times it’s about what can accommodate us. All these factors, and more, come into consideration when we are looking for a place to stay as we plan our travels. Most of those who stay at hotels are thought to be rich, have the money to book a night for 10000Ksh in the Mara while he or she can camp for half that, or less. Campers on the other hand are thought to be misers or without as much money to get a hotel. All those are misconceptions. I know guys who would comfortably pay for a hotel room but choose to camp(Hello The Kenyan Camper …just saying hi 😛), and guys who stay in hotel rooms after a year of savings.

A friend was visiting from Congo the other day and was going to visit Tsavo West NP. He asked what was the best way to spend time in Tsavo West. I have never been there myself, so I couldn’t be objective in my advice. However, I looked around for a few alternative accommodations and offered them to him. He ended up choosing Sarova Salt Lick , of course. He simply loved the photos of the place and decided that was the place.

Sarova Salt Lick. Pic by Sarova Hotels

Camping sites usually offer a cheapest alternative of accommodation compared to almost all the other alternatives, bandas, hotels, resorts, rental houses etc. However, there are also private camps which tend to sometimes have a higher rate than hotel rooms. The advantage of camping is the outdoor atmosphere you have all around you. Most camps also give you a wild side of the environment, like no TV to distract you. You always are on the look out if there something crawling towards you, if you are me that is. Your nights are spent around the bonfire stargazing, food is most likely served outdoors and you have a field to kick a ball. When camping, the weather could determine whether or not you have  a good time. If it is raining the whole time, you  won’t have as much to do as if it were sunny.

Camping in Naivasha. Pic by Travelstart

Hotel rooms on the other hand is the safe brother. You live in between walls, have a TV, a hot shower(maybe even a bathtub) and eat at the comfort of dining rooms. I personally think hotel rooms are boring, but we all are different. When staying in a hotel, you aren’t the only one staying there. Other people are rooming right next to you and they may have babies or small children. They may be teenagers! They just never know when to keep quiet.

A Serena Hotel, Nairobi room

So, your choice of accommodation all comes down to you, let nobody tell you what to choose. Listen to the advice, but at the end of the day, be the one who decides where and how to get your rest. When it comes to me, I don’t have a preference. I enjoy  camping, but sometimes I also enjoy renting a hotel room. I guess the situation would help which one I would pick; like the weather, or the amount of money  available.Rapid-Camp-Sagana

A Sarova Panafric Room

Hotel rooms or camping for you?


2 thoughts on “Hotel Rooms Or Camping?

  1. My Travel Stories

    Those are words of wisdom you shared, above all I loved the best part you said “……nobody should influence your choice….”

    Great write up

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