What new destination did you travel to in 2016?

We are almost at that time of the year when you start reminiscing of your travels this year, or get on the road if your savings are just maturing to your targets, and for most people regretting why you did not join that roadtrip plan when you had the chance. For most of us, the end year is time to spend with the family and so any planned travels has to include them. This is the time where you want to cry when you look at those roadtrip photos and wish you could rewind the days to then. So, how well did you travel in 2016?


2016 was a good year on my travel diary, not the best but just about the top. I had never been to Watamu, or Nanyuki for more than 3 hours. I spent a whole 48 hours in each of these towns. The cold at Nanyuki, the heat of Watamu.. I felt them. When I started writing in these blog, I was doing my trips solo. I was not for group travels, I always felt groups make it harder for quick decisions to be made and slows down the pace of your travels(they actually truly do). All my trips this year have been with friends and family, I haven’t done a single solo trip. img-20160911-wa0046

I do not know what 2017 holds, but if it is anything of what I am already planning for, then I cannot wait for it(RIP Bank Account Balance). On to the next one!

What new destination did you travel to this year? How was the experience? Share in the comments section.

By Sammy Aloyo.


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