Dear Travel Diary: “Tupatane Archives”

How many times have you used that phrase “tupatane archives”, let’s meet at the Archives? Well, I have used it countless number of times as it was probably the first places I got to know in Nairobi when I came to this city in the sun. I have passed by and stood outside the archives about a hundred dozen times and not once have I ever gone inside. I have always had the notion in my mind that it was one old dark dusty building on the inside, up until recently when a cousin visiting from the diaspora tagged me a long on a little trip around some of the sites in our beautiful city.


We began our tour of the city at the Murumbi museum of art which is located at Kenyatta avenue, just adjacent to Nyayo house and the general post office.The entrance to the museum is about 150ksh for Kenyan citizens. Afterwords we had a quaint little coffee shop next to the museum. They only offer the day’s special so do not expect a variety of snacks and meals. I had their beef kachumbari Panini and a glass of mango juice. I would have opted for passion juice and meat pie but those were already sold out. The good thing about the café is that they give you a voucher for a free drink next time you go there with a friend. I sure will make use of mine.

Our next stop was the archives. I was really looking forward to that. The entrance for Kenyan citizens is about 50ksh, very cheap for a trip through history. They require to see your identification card at the reception, don’t go there with those excuses you used to dish out to bouncers in Westlands on Friday nights. The archives is a three storey building filled with vital history of our lovely country Kenya. There are guides who explain the history to you but we decided to do it on our own. On the ground floor there were all sorts of crafts from the different tribes and regions in the country, a testament to the beauty and diversity of our country.

After leaving The Archives we made our way to Kenyatta International Conference Center, one of my favourites places to visit. Everytime I have friends visiting from outside the country I always make the point of taking them to the helipad at KICC. I love to see the looks on their faces as they take in the fresh air and admire the beautiful city of Nairobi from twenty eight floors up. There is just something about being up there that brings clarity and peace to one’s mind. The helipad will never lack a number of couples taking selfies or sharing a snack on any day. I think bringing your date there will really up your dating score. My cousins were thrilled to be up there. To get to the helipad will cost you about 150kshs. They also require your identification card.


  1. Identification card: Always carry your national identification card, or if a foreigner carry your passport. This is important incase any thing happens to you then you can easily be identified and helped, plus for safety and security reasons.
  2. Water: Carry some clean drinking water especially if its on a hot day. Walking in the sun will require you to constantly hydrate.
  3. Comfortable foot wear: You will certainly not like it if you decide to do the trip in a pair of high heels. Wear a pair of comfortable sneakers, rubber shoes or doll shoes for the ladies.
  4. Comfortable & appropriate clothing: A pair of jeans or shorts will do just fine with a tiny backpack or sling bag. You will surely regret it if you trudge along with a heavy big handbag.
  5. Money: Most if not all the places only accept payment in cash, no credit cards or VISA cards accepted. We had a hard time learning this because my cousin had not carried any money, so carry some money.

Next time instead of standing outside the archives for half an hour waiting for someone why not go inside and learn a little about a our history. What are the others you like visiting in town kindly do share in the comments below.

Love & light.
By Nasieku A. S.


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