Kenyan Travel Blogs To Read: Part 2

Did you read the first article sharing the different Kenyan travel bloggers? Well, if you did not, Kenyan Travel Blogs To Read should be a good read too.

The above mentioned post listed all the travel blog I had come across. I knew the list wasn’t done, and the good readers of this blog helped me out by adding the below travel blogs that I should share about. it is a great thing to read on different travel experiences by different individuals and groups and to see locals taking the initiative to share on Kenya’s attractions on their own.

Get to go through these blogs, you’ll learn a few tips about travel or a destination you have never heard of.


(Own words) Thorn Travels is a website solution dedicated entirely to travel. The core revolves around experiential travel writing. To this vision, the founder doubles up as the content manager. The founder is currently an editor/writer attached to the Magazine Section of the oldest and one of the leading Newspaper brands in Kenya-The Standard Newspaper. He is the resident lifestyle and travel writer for Sunday Standard Magazine with a wealth of travelogues to his name. Thorn Travels site acts as an archive for his work, which probably saw first light in The Standard. Lifestyle and travel are inevitably interlinked to the environment and he strives to use all platforms available to him to create awareness on how best we can conserve the environment. Augmenting his efforts is a dedicated, not to mention, skilled Thorn Travels team all pulling towards the center who promise to upload a fresh experience every week.

TWITTER: @ThornTravelsKe



(Own words) The ‘Africa Expat Wives Club’ was created 2006 as a vehicle through which to describe life in Nairobi today. Back then, I set up the blog using ‘3 easy steps’ and the format stuck. This new, revamped site is my attempt at finally moving with the times to produce something more colourful but just to clarify, there is no ‘club’ and this site is certainly not just for expats, it’s intended for anyone who might be interested in looking through this particular window on life in Kenya. The ‘expat stereotypes’ are a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun. And that is the point of this website. Fun, humour, reality, life.frances-16-april-2


I work as a freelance writer in Nairobi working on projects such as magazine editing, report editing, feature writing, online content creator and social media strategy.



(Own words) Are you tired of liking peoples travel posts on social media as you procrastinate your own travel plans? Great. I am here to motivate you in to hitting on the road.

Behind the screen is Lèa Wanjaria. I am a food and sun lover on a never ending quest to experience new places, people and food as much as I can. This blog began as a personal travel journal to write down my thoughts, experiences, crazy stories of weird foods and funny people in hope to keep me occupied and entertained upon turning 60 years. After years of writing for my self satisfaction, its time for you to join me in these adventures as you plan to start on your own.


Come, Walk with ME

TWITTER: @Walkwithlea



(Own words) Hey there! My name is Eliud Ndungu, a part-time adventure travel blogger who’s been exploring his motherland-Kenya for over 3 years.

Welcome to my travel blog! This is where I share entertaining stories, useful travel tips, fun videos, amazing photography, and crazy adventures with you from my non-stop travels. It’s a place for people like you who want daily inspiration & motivation to live a life of adventure. I want to show you how to travel the world, to seek experiences over possessions, and open your mind to new possibilities.


TWITTER: @Simplismatigari



(Own words) I can’t keep calm! That’s probably the worst tag line ever, but it’s true. I have tried finding fulfilment from settling down and focusing on one activity and place, but I failed terribly. Okay, I should probably start by telling you who I am. My name is Wachera, a daughter of the African soil. Just recently, I realized that Wachera is native for “the one who loves travelling”. Who would have thought, right? So I guess my troubles began immediately I was born, and my parents decided to call me that – that explanation gives me a lot of closure any time I feel like I move around a lot.
Anyways, now that you know that about me – and that I just gave you FREE African language lessons – we should get straight to what this is all about. Before that though, a little more about me  I just graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Science. I learnt a lot of amazing stuff in the process but just like you, every evening marks the end of another day down without applying algebra even for a second. That shouldn’t be taken to mean I don’t like Mathematics, I love it! Now that you know what my name means, and that I’m not a failure, more about me (Okay, I promise I’ll stop just after I tell you this ) I love reading, writing, fashion, and children. A little about my love for children: their smiles keep me sane and their faces remind me of what life is all about – living every moment like it’s your last. So, I use any chance I get with a child to reflect on what we were designed to be. Some are annoying, I know. But that doesn’t change the fact that they represent my ideal world. I keep my promises, so I won’t talk more about me.Read More


TWITTER: @AngieSimms1


(Own words) Jambo and karibu (hello and welcome) to View Kenya. This is a blog about what to see, eat, visit and enjoy while in Kenya. It will be featuring hotels, restaurants and resorts, clubs, the culture and cuisine of the people of Kenya. It will also have a gallery and links to the latest events and festivals from around the country in addition to wildlife. So, keep posted and enjoy!!! Oh, and don’t forget to share and spread the word about the site… Remember, hakuna matata.


TWITTER: @billnyabera

2(Own words) At Utalii Digital, we make marketing easier for Events Managers, Hotels and Travel Companies by employing a mix of Digital and traditional  marketing  expertise to ensure companies  get the best attention from their clients . Based on the objective of your marketing  campaign, we will tell your story how you want it told to your customers by locating them where they are.

Also check

TWITTER: @utalii_digital

3(Own words) We are Brian and Liz ,Authors of this blog. We are a Kenyan couple ♥ who made this site to entertain our love of travel and everything in between; document our adventures, recommend spots and share any tips we have. Though primarily for our own fun we hope in doing so we may inspire some passer-by or be useful to a friend.


TWITTER: @loveroaddiaries

(Updated 07-12-2016)

If there is still any more of your favorite blogs I have not listed, kindly share their links in the comment section for guys to check them up. Thank you for all you who helped out to come up with this!

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