KNOW THE OTHER TRAVELER: Wangechi Gitahi @wangechigitahi


1. First tell us about yourself and your field of work.

My name is Wangechi Gitahi and I love the Lord as my personal Savior . I am a young lady who loves life, family, travel, adventure, culture, making friends, laughing and basically living life to the fullest. I tend to prefer solo travel so I swing between being an introvert and an extrovert. I am an advocate of responsible travel and hence I try to initiate community projects in most of the places I travel to, this to empower them. I am however a Marketer by profession and a traveler by passion. Continue reading “KNOW THE OTHER TRAVELER: Wangechi Gitahi @wangechigitahi”


Kenyan Travel Blogs To Read: Part 2

Did you read the first article sharing the different Kenyan travel bloggers? Well, if you did not, Kenyan Travel Blogs To Read should be a good read too.

The above mentioned post listed all the travel blog I had come across. I knew the list wasn’t done, and the good readers of this blog helped me out by adding the below travel blogs that I should share about. it is a great thing to read on different travel experiences by different individuals and groups and to see locals taking the initiative to share on Kenya’s attractions on their own.

Get to go through these blogs, you’ll learn a few tips about travel or a destination you have never heard of. Continue reading “Kenyan Travel Blogs To Read: Part 2”