Aberdares Roadtrip 2.0

Are you ready? We are off to our usual wanderlust, and due to public demand, we are going back to Aberdares National Park. The last trip there was one not to forget, fun in the wild has never been better.

We are set for 9th July 2016, doing a roundtrip from Nairobi and back. We use Mutubio gate to access the Park, stopping at the Rift Valley Point to enjoy the view, ad exiting the park at the Main gate near Nyeri and embarking on the journey back via Thika road. Hope you are ready. We are doing better than Tembea Abderdares.
  • Wildlife(African Elephant, leopard, spotted hyena, olive baboon, black and white colobus monkey, sykes monkey, cape buffalo, warthog, common zebra (North Aberdare), bushbuck, reedbuck).
  • Bird viewing – about 290 recorded bird species(including the Aberdare Cisticola that is critically endangered and the Jackson’s francolin, which is regionally endemic, sparry hawk, goshawks, eagles, sunbirds and plovers).
  • Beautiful sceneries of Aberdare including magnificent waterfalls with the main ones being Karuru waterfalls which fall in three steps, 1st step 117M, 2nd step 26M and 3rd 130M, making a total of 273M, Chania waterfalls.
    Aberdares 2
Contact Linda 07004003848 or Sammy 0702649919 to Book.
Booking fees is Ksh.1000
  • Ksh. 2000 per person.
  • Payable in installments: 50% non-refundable deposit, balance payable 7 days before travel date.
  • Transport to and from Nairobi included.
  • No lunch provided.

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Have an awesome week! And kindly share with a friend. 🙂

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