Zuru Kenya

The Lake shores of Nakuru and Bogoria are a bird-watcher’s paradise to say the least. Millions of flamingos gather along the alkaline lakes to devour the algae that lends to their brilliant pink plumage. These pink beauties are quite the ornithological spectacle and no one could’ve captured that better than Martin Harvey. Harvey takes us on one pink magical adventure that is bound to leave birding enthusiasts in awe.

 “To witness a concentration of birds like this is, without a doubt, one of the greatest ornithological experiences in the world. There is constant movement of pink as birds move about the lake in search of food or disturbance by predators. It truly is an enjoyably overwhelming wildlife experience.” – Martin Harvey

lake-nakuru-flamingos-7[6]lake-nakuru-flamingos-15[2]lake-nakuru-flamingos-12[2]lake-nakuru-flamingos-11[2]lake-nakuru-flamingos-10[2]lake-nakuru-flamingos-2[6]lake-nakuru-flamingos-3[6]  lake-nakuru-flamingos-9[2]lake-nakuru-flamingos-1[8]lake-nakuru-flamingos-12[2]Save

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