Thank You!

As you may know, or not, we were nominated as one of the best travel blogs in Kenya and made the cut to be on the ballot out of all the amazing travel blogs we read. We were really proud for this having only done this for a year and half or so, and really got serious a year ago. It’s a good feeling when something you start out of passion gets recognized. The #BAKEAwards happened this previous Saturday and we didn’t manage to win. Tough luck!thank-you-note

We are taking a moment to say a huge thank you to all those who nominated us in the first place. You gave this ball the nudge it needed to get to start rolling. All those who voted for us, a thank you is not even enough. You guys have to be the real MVPs. For whatever reason you saw fit to vote for, we hope to keep on and even do much better as we move forward. To our readers, our loyal subscribers, those who contribute when our minds cannot think of an article… you are our family. Family is everything and you are the best. For those messages, tweets, shares, facebook posts and more you shared to get guys to vote for us, thank you ever so much.

Last but not least, a big congratulation to for bagging the award. And also to our fellow nominees, Holiday Afrika, Adventures Of Cathy & The Art Of Wanderlusting, you already won by virtue of being among the top 5 travel blogs in Kenya, congratulations. Congratulations to all the other winning blogs as well.

Travel & tourism in Kenya is facing a lot of challenges, and people like us are the ones to change this. Everyone can always do something while typing away those words or uploading those photos. As we look forward to another travel season almost here with us, I wish and pray we continue in our steadfast struggle to do what we can to expose Kenya to kenyans & the whole world. Yes, We Can!

An appreciation call to everyone maybe? 🙂

Thank You! Have a wonderful week.

By Sammy Aloyo


PS: Have yo read through other travel blogs in Kenya? Well, we listed the here; Kenyan Travel Blogs To Read.


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