Too Many Hashtags? #TembeaKenya

Who still keeps tabs on all the hashtags Kenya Tourism Board has created? The keyboard warriors may be assisting in drumming support for the Kenyan tourism industry, but how many do they need? Seriously. I have stuck with #TembeaKenya,the others just do not make sense to me. We may just need to sit down with whoever comes up with these online campaign strategies to fully understand KTB.dscn7927

We started of with Magical Kenya sometime back, when we were not doing so bad, but were on the slide downwards. I personally thought that wasn’t such a bad idea since I thought we were rebranding and selling Kenya in a new way. But alas, same old same old…game viewing & beaches dominated our adverts. Remember this?

Either the team at KTB has grown old or they gave up on reviving our beloved industry. Back when I was in a class, a Mr. Benson told us that tourism was our highest foreign exchange earner, or second after tea(I wasn’t the best at GHC). He said Kenya attracted tourists more than anywhere else in the world(Yeah right!). I was proud of my country, proud to be a Kenyan. Now? Meeeh.

I do not know where and when we went wrong. The industry has changed a lot since then. More countries joined the market, the younger generation started traveling more, destinations that we did not know about were made known to us, people grew tired of game drives & sandy beaches only. The problem is we are not adapting to these changes. The tourism minister may be trying his bit, releasing turtles into the sea and jumping from the sky, but the team at KTB are not doing him justice.

I may go on ranting about this, but that may not help. If you work for KENYA TOURISM BOARD(especially the marketing team) or know somebody who has his uncle whose wife works there, this is my request to you. KTB needs to involve local photographers(ever checked #IgKenya on Instagram), local bloggers(Read Kenyan Travel Blogs To Read), local travel enthusiasts and locals of different destinations. They need to meet these guys and get their views on what should be done. Let them not work in a box while South Africa is busy using our own superstars to advertise their destinations (no offence Mzansi, we love you!).

Meanwhile, head over to twitter and contribute to the below tweetviews.

Thank you for stopping by. Kindly leave any comments below if you have any.


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