Worth More Alive

We are only a few hours to the historic Ivory and Rhino Horn Burn this weekend. The burning of 105 tonnes of elephant tusks and 1.3 tonnes of rhino horns on April 30 at the Nairobi National Park will reaffirm Kenya’s commitment to protect its iconic wildlife species, as being reported in different media outlets. The stockpile to be destroyed is worth an estimated 30 million US dollars on the black market.

Photo courtesy of Mutira Rashid (mutirarashid.com)

I will not be one to say this is bad, or we should have done that because it is trully a great part of history. That I will probably after all this excitement has cooled down(keep your stones safely guys!).


Poaching is among my top five unforgivable sins. I think we should all just adopt punishment offered to poachers by the Chinese government, that’s what we need to stop this vice. Killing an animal for it’s horn? Just the horn. That’s cruel. The government should also be more vigilant and get the kingpins of this trade, not just arrest the laborers, and then give them bail after a day in jail. Anyway, we will do this on another post.

As we do the burning on Saturday 30th April, I hope it gives us a new lease of life in the fight against poaching and illegal trade of wildlife products. And as individuals, let’s keep on talking about it.


Photo courtesy of Mutira Rashid (mutirarashid.com)

Check out Mutira Rashid’s article for photos of the set up of the burn. Also go through  Versatile Photographers who have a good article on the same topic.

PS: Be part of the talk on twitter by contributing through the hashtag #WorthMoreAlive.

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