Next Stop Kenya: How Meru Stole My Heart

Ang's Adventures

imageHello again!  Having thankfully moved past the point of pure avoidance, and onto that writer’s block abyss of staring at the blinking cursor…wondering why a million thoughts and memories cannot manifest themselves out the tips of my fingers into one bloody word, here I am.  Ready, finally, though hesitantly, to continue the written version of my safari to Africa.  To be honest, it has been difficult to find the place inside me that is ready to revisit this magical world that captured my heart.  Leaving Meru felt kind of like leaving home, and each time I would think of writing about it I became awash in a kind of melancholy that stopped me in my tracks…but today, I think I need to go back.  It’s time to continue the journey, and remember the way it felt to be in this glorious little hidden paradise of Kenya.  So jambo Meru, jambo ndovu…

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