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Travel blogging, or generally blogging has been on the rise in Kenya for sometime now. Guys have realized the power of the inter-web and started sharing their travel stories, experiences, photos and more via blogs. This has in turn helped encourage more people to travel and others to appreciate our treasures and attractions more. A few years back, local tourism was not a popular trend. Those who did travel almost always opted the sandy beaches at the coast for their getaways. However, due to the good work of the government through the ministry of tourism and culture, travel bloggers and travel instagrammers, guys now know have a variety of destinations.Who would ever have thought you would be saving for Lamu Festival in December?

I took the liberty to share a few of the local travel bloggers I admire and who share the same vision of Kenya being at the top of travel destinations in the world one day. Get to read about them and have a look at their sites, you’ll learn a few tips about travel or a destination you have never heard of.


(Own words) I’ve been travelling Kenya as an adult for close to 15 years now. I have travelled on two feet, two wheels, two wings and four wheels. I have bedded down in high end establishments, low cost motels and sometimes nothing more than a hole in the ground. I have met people on my travels who are no longer with us but also seen children grow into adults.

My emphasis is on all matters camping, camping sites, bandas and other self catering facilities but if something else comes up I write about it as well. I do not work in tourism nor do I sell tourism packages. This is simply a snapshot of my journeys and all opinions are my own. I hope I have the good sense to keep writing.

Hope you enjoy it.

Twitter: @thekencamp


(Own words) Wangechi Gitahi is a Born Again Christian who Loves the Lord with All Her Heart.She also loves life, travel,adventure,pushing the limits,indoors,outdoors, making friends,smiling,laughing, and being  happy.It is actually difficult to define me but I think that will

I tend to be a solo ,lady traveller ,who tends to shift between introvert and extrovert as I travel.Travelling alone has actually taught me how to really enjoy my own company and make friends with strangers.Being from Kenya-which is in Africa,backpacking isn’t in our culture.Thus,I am still learning the ropes and thus I am currently in a class of one-I am the teacher and the student.I have been teaching myself by borrowing tips from bloggers,other travellers I meet and at times just letting the world reveal itself. That is the advantage of having passion for something,you will do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal.

Twitter: @wangechigitahi


(Own words) I am 24 years old; Travel gives me perspective, it affirms my beliefs that there is a superior being that made all this; that in our diversity we have a common trait that we are all human beings striving to fulfil our purpose.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself” George Bernard Shaw

cropped-cropped-treasures-banner11(Own words) Kenya is gearing up towards her 50th Year of Independence; her Golden Jubilee!

This is our time to reflect on how far we’ve come and celebrate how much we’ve achieved as one nation. We would like to encourage everyone, including you, to be a part of the upcoming momentous occasion and what better way than to be a part of the national movement spearheaded by the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust?

So what are we about?

Well the general idea behind the 50 Treasures of Kenya is as simple as it is striking: The 50 biggest attractions of our nation’s cultural and natural heritage are declared as the ‘The 50 Treasures of Kenya’ in connection to the Golden Jubilee of Jamhuri Day on December 12th 2013. A single Treasure for each year of Kenya’s independence! Our vision is an improved Kenya and our mission is to identify, document and proclaim the 50Treasures.

This blog will be a platform for us to share our experiences and the valuable information we have collected as we explore our country. We also hope this blog will provide us with the chance to interact better with you and we look forward to celebrating and sharing the wonderful beauty of this blessed nation.

Welcome to The Treasure!

Twitter: @50Treasures


(Own words) Journeying to Places, People & self.

Twitter: @Winyswift

(Own words) Africa is a very blessed continent. However, many Africans don’t see it that way. We have believed in the skewed negative stories about Africa to the point of pitying ourselves and seeking the riches of the lands from where these storytellers come.mwarv

 With every click I take, I will show you what a blessed place we live in. I will rebrand Africa, one click at a time.
Twitter: @mwarv


Another awesome photographer. Check his blog or instagram account to be amazed.

Twitter: @paulobuna


One stop site for all your travel needs. Safari 254 gives you reviews of hotels, destinations and even restaurants. The reviews are mostly from first hand experience thus more believable.

The fact that Safari 254 is a previous winner of Kenya’s Travel Blog of The Year  makes it a must visit.

Twitter: @Safari254


(Own words) I’m M. I’m a New Yorker and a User Experience Designer. My husband and I have moved to Nairobi for his job. This blog is where I hope to record our adventures (and not too many misadventures), life as an expat in Nairobi, and maybe even some helpful tips

Twitter: @nyc2nairobi

img_1333Ms. Wairimu does not only blog about travel and nature as most of the other bloggers in this list. She has a few more posts on politics, life and books, but her travel articles caught my attention and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. Check her out.

Twitter: @mahinge


(Own words) Hi I am Kelvin Shani a.k.a sirnare.

I am an artist based in Nairobi, Kenya. I have developed  extensive set of skills through  experience with  a collage of media, tools, teams and clients. I am a motion graphics and animation specialist by day, and a photography and art explorer in my spare time. I have over time  understood and mastered various art forms to produce work in great speed, detail and excellence. I live to inspire the world through stories captured in words and pictures.

Twitter: @sirnare

wpid-wp-1447835756564(Own words) A traveller by nature, domestic tourist at my best, love meeting new friends, travel is an addiction I love and Travel is my life

Twitter: @Chinkufake


(Own words) My name is Macharia Njuguna. However, most people that I interact with call me Mash. I love travel for adventure, and every new day I yearn for a new experience through being away from my comfort zone (home). I like interacting with people of different cultures so as to learn from them in a bid to better understand the world and mankind. I also try my hand at photography, especially portraits where the emotions of a soul can be captured in a shot and preserved. I am an African adventurer (Kenyan), eager to see all that the world has to offer and what I can give back.

Here I share with you my random adventure experiences. Your feedback as comments, suggestions and contributions will be highly appreciated. Live and Love Life! Everyday is an adventure.

Twitter: @MachariaNjuguna


If there is any more of your favorite blogs I have not listed, kindly share their links in the comment section for guys to check them up. Thank you!


PS: REMEMBER to vote for this blog as the best travel blog in Kenya. Vote via this link( and select 15E.


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    1. Great blogs! It was so much fun going through amazing content; thanks for the list. There is clearly too much to see in Kenya 🙂 I have visited some places myself, and the rest are on my list. Kindly checkout and let me know what you think, thanks.

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  2. We have been so wishing to come to Africa for safari in Kenya and Tanzania.Hoping to get the opportunity soon. Love Africa. We are travel experts from India and have a travel blog. Do get in touch for any advice and tips.

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