Nanyuki: Our Little Haven

Have you been any further than Thika? Wait, have you even been to Thika? Those regular travelers I know have been there courtesy of the FunTravel Kenya’s roundtrip to Aberdares last year.. The journey from Thika all the way to Samburu is one looooong scenic view. A lover of landscape views myself, only Kisumu’s sunset has made me happier. All serious local travelers always strive to visit Nanyuki at least once in their lifetime simply because of what it offers.

View of Mt. Kenya from Nanyuki town. Courtesy of

Nanyuki town lies northwest of Mount Kenya along theA2 road and at the terminus of the branch railway from Nairobi. It is situated just north of the Equator (0° 01′ North). It is a fairly small and quiet town with visitors constantly due to the many farms, ranches and game parks around it. Climbers and backpackers are the common visitors to the town on their way to or from Mount Kenya along the Sirimon and Burguret routes.

Why visit Nanyuki? Travelers can visit a number of parks and reserves in the vicinity of Nanyuki. These attractions vary and vary a lot. They include:

And there are more private ranches and conservancies.

Map of Nanyuki & It's Environs
Map of Nayuki & it’s Environs. Courtesy of


Nanyuki can be reached by air via airport that lies 6.5 km south of the town along the highway to Nairobi and is served by light aircraft. There are regular local flights daily from Nairobi.

Nanyuki is approximately four hours’ drive from Nairobi along the A2 Road. It can also be accessed via tarmac road from Nakuru and the Rift Valley via Nyahururu. To move around, you will either need your own 4WD or make arrangements with your accommodations and/or the conservancies for an all-terrain vehicle.

So, Nanyuki for Easter holidays?

Ngare Ndare’s Canopy Walk.

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