One Random Post

Hiking or a simple visit to a destination? A roadtrip or one ending with a game drive? That’s what goes into my mind every time I am planning a trip.

I am a huge fan of hiking, I think that is the activity I have done most on my trips, Hike over The Ngong Hills and Dear Travel Diary: Elephant Hill are just examples. But that’s me, and I do not travel alone..what do the others think and want? Not that I consider what they want most of the times…hahaha, but it’s good to listen to the others. When planning that trip, you either need to plan the whole thing alone(If you are that good a traveler), or you need to consult everybody.

Check for some advice on traveling on this blog posts;

  1. Elephant Hill(Aberdares) Hike img_20141115_104159
  2. A few tips on taking a road trip in Kenya IMG_20140814_124825
  3. The Perfect Road Trip Plan img-20140831-wa0013
  4. Dear Travel Diary: Chania Travels bwsz3oniyaejbeq
  5. Dear Travel Diary: What To Carry? kakamega-forest-night
  6. Getting Your ‘Travel’ On beach-acrobatics-at-diani-beach-mombasa-kenya

By Sammy A.


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