Nairobi Safari Walk

IMPORTANT: Do not be discouraged by the views you read here, actually let them inspire and make you go visit the place and have your own views. ☺☺☺

EditAlignSW 008-012 LD-OptimizedWell, as Kenya Wildlife Service explains in their website, With its raised wooden boardwalk that allows for uninterrupted views of the animals, the Safari Walk is a show case for Kenya’s Parks and Reserves, allowing visitors to discover what they can expect to see across the country. Visitors can see a sample of the country’s rich animal life including the rare bongo, white rhino and albino zebra as well as big cats, antelopes and primates. It is also home to some 150 species of local trees.

The Key features of the Nairobi Safari Walk are:

  • Three major ecosystems (wetlands, savannah and forestry);
  • Variety of mammals, reptiles, insects and birds;
  • The boardwalk;
  • Children’s Museum.
  • Wildlife – Cheetah,lion,leoapard,pygmy hippo,zebra colubus monkey,bongo rhino.
  • Wide variety of birds and insects.

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However, the experience a group of friends and I got from our walk there is nothing close to what we have experienced in the wild. Maybe it is because all of us had traveled quite well (the least traveled was Ian, who had done Masai Mara, Aberdares & Tsavo West parks) and were like those little spoilt nieces and nephews of yours who cannot eat ugali twice in a month, or ever. Hehe!

The fee paid does not translate to the experience one gets when inside. It used to be KSh. 150 for citizens but then was revised upwards to Ksh. 250, not sure why. There are few guides to take you round, and priority goes to schools & foreigners(understandable). The number of people who go there especially on weekends is pretty big, hence you end up going around alone and having to do with reading the information displayed for you. We were lucky to go after a group of British tourists, and thus managed to get the services of the guide assigned to them. Oh, and hear them talk.EditAlignSW 095-101 LD-Optimized

The animals found are also very few, less than 50 I guess, half of them being monkeys. I expected to find a bigger number, but that’s just me. They are also in protected areas to prevent any human-wildlife conflicts, of course. Being used to looking at wildlife not in captivity, this spoilt brat was disappointed some more.

However, I will give it to the KWS guys for thinking about setting up the different types of ecosystems experienced in the Kenyan wild. I got to learn a lot I probably was taught in school but ended up forgetting.

Nairobi Safari walk is a good place to spend your weekends, but do not expect too much. You will get to see lions(most of you haven’t, pretty sure about that) and walk around or sit and just relax in the midst of nature. The price is pretty okay too, most of you can afford it for a weekend not far from town. Throw in you fare and snacks’ expenses and you are good to go.

So, when are you visiting? Check Nairobi Safari Walk for more information.

By Sammy A.


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