Got A Holiday Plan? …Happy Holidays!

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Where will you be spending your holidays, if I may? Are you traveling to the coast, getting adventurous and climbing mount Kenya, going to enjoy Kenya’s wildlife, traveling to your rural place or just lazying around in your couch? Well, whatever you have made up your mind to do and your plate accommodates, here are a few suggestions we have for you.


If staying in Nairobi, you can get as good as a holiday as that guy in coast. Okay, not that good..but close. Hehe! Have you ever been to Nairobi National Park? I thought so too. Why not clear that off your list? The park boasts to be one of the best in the world, but the local residents have not taken advantage of it. Very few Nairobi residents have been to the park. I bet you did not know there are lions in the park, just like Paul Obuna (Read Nairobi National Park by Paul Obuna). You can also visit the animal orphanage or have a stroll at Safari Walk, enjoying the wild all under your feet. The Giraffe Centre is also a good spot for the animal lovers.


Karura Forest, the Arboreturm, Ololua Nature Trail and Ngong Hills is good if you are a nature lover, or just want to be in a serene environment and have time for yourself. If with kids, take an afternoon to get them to Nairobi Museum, the Nairobi Railway Museum, the African Heritage House or the Karen Blixen Museum before that soda & chips(I heard it was substituted with pizza these days) snack. Let the kids enjoy a day off TV.

So much to choose from.


I bet no one needs to be introduced to the attractions here. We could go on and on about the coast. However, I would like to introduce you to one part of the coast even we were not aware of, that is Lamu. Did you know Lamu mainland has 9000 Buffaloes., the largest concentration anywhere in East Africa. And that’s not the only wildlife they got, have a look at the population of wildlife at Lamu mainland below.

Picture by Discovery Kenya

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Add that to the beaches, that is a perfect getaway for everyone.


Arguably the most abundant region with attractions and sites, which includes lakes, mountains, the rift valley, forests and parks and reserves. Even the most traveled Kenyans have not exhausted this region.

Rift Valley viewpoint

There are more destinations in the rift region, but I hope the few provided above will help.


A hike on mount Kenya? Or a stay at Ol Pejeta conservancy? Or a roadtrip to enjoy the landscape of Timau or Nyeri? And still there’s more as you move towards the north. Meru National Park is actually one of the parks with the most diverse species of animals in Kenya, with the big five found there. Ngare Ndare forest and other conservancies are also part of this region.


Read Desert Rose by Travel Diaries Kenya.


This is the most untapped region in Kenya. The distance from Nairobi or Mombasa can be attributed to this, but a traveler should not worry about the distance. The sights will all be worthwhile, from the beaches at Rusinga Island to the vast Kakamega Forest. Read Western Kenya Untapped.

Rusinga Island Resort
Kakamega Forest

Also have time to visit the forgotten Webuye Falls (more of rapids) and the Mt Elgon Park.


Whatever you choose to do, hope you enjoy it and let’s share the stories and experiences in January 2016. From the team here at Funtravel Kenya, well…..dscn9118.jpg


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