The Drama, The Suspense, The Thrill of a Wildebeest Crossing

The Insatiable Traveler

If you haven’t watched a wildebeest crossing in person, trust me, no documentary will ever do it justice. It’s like trying to capture the enormity of the Himalayas in a photograph, or the feeling of flying in a hot air balloon from a video. They’re unlike anything you’ve seen before. Every crossing is unique and filled with mystery, suspense and adrenaline-pumping action worthy of a Bruckheimer film, and all to often, the morbid thrills of Jaws.

Wildebeest leaps into the Mara River at the beginning of a crossing in Kenya Wildebeest at the beginning of a crossing leap into the Mara River. On the rocks, carcasses of fallen comrades are stiff and bloated. A croc sunning itself on the bank of the Mara River doesn’t seem to be much of a deterrent.

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