Got A Holiday Plan? …Happy Holidays!

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Where will you be spending your holidays, if I may? Are you traveling to the coast, getting adventurous and climbing mount Kenya, going to enjoy Kenya’s wildlife, traveling to your rural place or just lazying around in your couch? Well, whatever you have made up your mind to do and your plate accommodates, here are a few suggestions we have for you. Continue reading “Got A Holiday Plan? …Happy Holidays!”



The holidays are here again, and most of you will be on the road. Just a few tips to help you out as you plan. Enjoy your holidays!

FunTravel Kenya

We all agree traveling, or as most of you would say “Tembea Kenya”, is expensive. You have to fuel your car, or hire one for most of us. And I’m not even going to talk about getting a safari van for your trip. This digs a hole in your pocket, or leave a dent in your account for the better off. Then there’s food, accommodation and tips..yes, you can’t get back from a trip without tipping someone. It’s an unwritten rule. These adds up to a lot of money, which frankly most of us don’t have. Today I want to give you a cheaper option of kutembea Kenya, appreciating your country at pocket-friendly prices.


Most of us have the mentality that you need a private means of transport in order to go for a road-trip. I disagree. You can have a good time just by using public means. Done…

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Camping with the lions – I

Hand of Colors

From our camp we could watch baby hippos splash and swill in the waters, while the adults watched us with suspicion. This was my first experience of camping in the wild, and we started with choosing the wrong place. It was only when Leena said “What if hippos come this way to graze?” that we realized, we were way too near the mighty hippos. And in Africa, you don’t mess with the hippos. So we shifted, to a safer place, near the Serena hotels, with the researchers of Hyena Research Center as our neighbors; and practically in the territory of the hyenas. We again smiled at our choice, but our experienced Masai guide James was convinced.

And then setting up of camps begun. Candidly for the first time campers it’s an experience and especially when you are not given enough tools to set up your camp and you…

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The Drama, The Suspense, The Thrill of a Wildebeest Crossing

The Insatiable Traveler

If you haven’t watched a wildebeest crossing in person, trust me, no documentary will ever do it justice. It’s like trying to capture the enormity of the Himalayas in a photograph, or the feeling of flying in a hot air balloon from a video. They’re unlike anything you’ve seen before. Every crossing is unique and filled with mystery, suspense and adrenaline-pumping action worthy of a Bruckheimer film, and all to often, the morbid thrills of Jaws.

Wildebeest leaps into the Mara River at the beginning of a crossing in Kenya Wildebeest at the beginning of a crossing leap into the Mara River. On the rocks, carcasses of fallen comrades are stiff and bloated. A croc sunning itself on the bank of the Mara River doesn’t seem to be much of a deterrent.

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Fun. Sun. Sand.


Part 2 was supposed to be up eons ago, but it’s better late than never. It has been quite some fun reminiscing on the trip to Diani and reminding myself what a beautiful country I am blessed to live in.

I hope you enjoy reading about some of the cool places to hang around.

PS: Seeing as Christmas is just around the corner, the Coast would make a worthwhile getaway.

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