The dance with no music

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How often do you travel and get the feeling that that was your best day away from your usual place of stay? How often have you been with strangers and by end of the day you are the best friends as though you are childhood friends? How often have you travelled or gone to a place you last visited years of months ago? Have you ever felt at home in a new place or a strange land?



That has happened alot to me meeting up with strangers and we end up as great friends, I have been to strange land and felt at home, I have lost my way following the less used trails but ended up with an adventure. I have had accidents that almost plucked my ears or even nails but instead of pain it felt so sweet ( at heart not at the wound) since the scars…

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In love with Nakuru National Park

Smile Each Moment

It might be hard to believe for many but my favorite place to travel to in Kenya was not Masai Mara but another, not so famous place called Nakuru. We spent about one and a half days and one night in Nakuru National Park. What I loved about it: it’s not as crowded as other parks yet one can gaze at countless amazing, pretty, cute wild animals. I’ll just leave you with some pictures – I promise you’ll love it!

What’s your favorite place in Kenya?

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The Moon Houses, Lamu – A Long Time Coming

The Kenyan Camper

Lamu, 7 years since I last set eyes on you. I have grown and changed since then, my middle slightly softer, my hair a bit more grey, however my memory of you remains as sharp as a tack. For sometime we took different paths, we both wanted wanted different things. You needed financial security that was beyond my reach, I on the other hand needed 3 square meals a day to remain alive. But the fates have seen seen it fit for us to be together again, our planets have aligned for me to once more gaze upon you aphrodite-esque beauty.

I hope you haven’t grown fat.


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Dear Travel Diary: Fun To Magadi

The planning had been done, it was now time to get on the road. We were to meet in town by 8.00AM and be on our way by 8.30AM. The bus was there earlier than even the scheduled time, by 7.00AM. A good number of the guys arrived in time, we were almost all in number as the departure time reached. Remember that article about ‘Why Do You Travel?’, well as usual we had ‘the other guy’ on board. They had not arrived fifteen minutes after the departure time had gone by. 30 minutes, 40 minutes…we were getting impatient. As we were just about to give up and head off, they arrived. Guys who had kept time were not happy, it was not fair. It was going to be a long day.DSCN7833 Continue reading “Dear Travel Diary: Fun To Magadi”