Fun To Magadi

Our roadtrip to Lake Magadi on 19th September 2015…sigh. The words will be typed later, enjoy the photos first.DSCN7920 Continue reading “Fun To Magadi”


The Cookswell Safari Oven – A Review With A View

The Kenyan Camper

Hello again, so you remember I was recently in Amboseli right? Of course you do, its the last article I wrote. On solo camping trips I’m usually reduced to foraging for edible roots and wild berries so it’s always quite a treat to have some good eats. Self – catering accomodation is a great opportunity to flex those cooking muscles no matter how stringy on non-existent they may be.

I’ve known about Cookswell Jikos for sometime now, so Teddy graciously allowed me to pick one up to try out. I’d been very curious about these safari ovens for quite a while and I was stoked to have a chance to finally try one out.

Vegetarians look away now.

amboseli-bush-camp-kenya-52 The jiko is the one of the left if you were wondering about portability.

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Acrophobia Shot Down

my travel stories


Have you ever done something absolutely crazy that days after you still not yet in terms of where the courage came from?


In all my travel experience much I have learnt but from my last adventure in the high rope course, I learnt that you need to remain connected so that to succeed but as I conquered more of the challenges in the high ropes, there were point where I learnt that in life, it gets to a point where all it takes is “PERSONAL EFFORTS”


My new lesson was on 5th September 2015 and a Saturday to be precise. I got a call from my greatest friend who has joined my club of ………………….. ( that I will not say but I am a “Chinkufake” but a genuine Kenyan, and my friend is typically with Masai resemblance but his names unveil his origin) his name Sam Gish.


This time…

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Fourteen Falls

So the other day I was busy coding, straining my head with java programming language when I received a text from a pal. ‘Are you on for this?’ read the text, accompanied by a screenshot of a trip planned to Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park in Kiambu county. It had been a while since I was to those sides, and never been to that Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park area at all. Being a Travel Bug is a disease, I didn’t even think about it.

And so on Saturday early morning we were on our way to Thika. It’s a long way out, probably a 3 hour or more long journey. I slept the whole way, blame it on the friends who dragged me out of bed that Friday night. I woke up somewhere between Thika and our destination. Great scenery! We stopped for ‘haja ndogo’ next to some pineapple plantations. DSCN7348 Continue reading “Fourteen Falls”