MOMBASA CULTURAL FESTIVAL-August 14th -23rd 2015

Wangechi Gitahi

The day started with light showers but hey,when has this ever stopped me.So with no umbrella at hand,I used my shawl as my cover..funny,mombasa rain is not cold so not too bad.The place was filled with various corporates ,but,I will skip all that to the juicy part -culture.There was a wide array of culture but I will only highlight a few .Let your corporate friends know that if they want a mention here ,they should talk to me “Kando”-on the side.Ok,I digress.

Out of the Norm:

Allow me to start off with an event that happened later in the day ,but due respect needs to always be accorded and thus-a normal day turned to be one of those extra ordinary days. The festival received a few “special guests.”The kind that ,if they visited your home,your mother would remove the exclusive cutlery and crockery “ya wageni” -for visitors.She would be running…

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