IMG_5944Hi there, another Friday is here. Welcome to this week’s Hot Seat!

  1. First, just tell us about yourself and what you are involved in.

I am Valery Cindy Namisi, 22 years of age, I have 2 brothers and live in madaraka estate. I am a fourth year student at Daystar University, athi river campus, majoring in communication, electronic media, so you can say I’m a journalist in the making. I also have a business, where I get to travel at very low and affordable prices and make a living travelling. I’m a yellow (Take the personality test at ), which makes me the sensitive soul in terms of personality. And I guess if you want to hide anything from me, you can hide it in a book.

  1. Your love for tourism and traveling, is it inborn or due to your line of

Work /activities?

I love travelling, even though I get car sick often, visiting new places and getting to see the wonders of the world. I would say it is also due to the line of work I am in. Being a journalist and having a business in the travel industry, I don’t have a choice now, do I?

  1. Are you contented with how much you have traveled and places you have visited so far? What was your best destination?

They say the world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page. So no I am not contented. I still have a lot of pages I need to read in my book.IMG_20141224_173547

  1. Take us through your travel bucket list.
  • I’d love to go bungee jumping.
  • Visit the Eiffel tower.
  • Visit Disney world.
  • Go snorkelling, the list is endless.
  1. How often do you travel?

I don’t travel so often due to school mostly, but when I am done, I think my new home will be the skies and roads. And also because of finances, money doesn’t grow on trees.

  1. What are the most important lessons you have learnt from your trips?

 You meet people with different personalities, you learn new cultures, the dos and don’ts, you get to have fun and if traveling with family or friends, it encourages bonding and you get to know more about them than you did before.

  1. What is the most frustrating part about trips?

IMG-20140318-WA0023I guess it is packing, I am a lady. I do not know why but we always never know what to take and what to leave. I guess also the travelling because as I said earlier I get car sick.

  1. Do you consider yourself a traveler or a tourist? Why?

I would say I’m a tourist. I enjoy the moments when I’m actually in the destination of choice, how I get there is not really fun for me.

  1. Any comments on #TembeaKenya efforts and to others about traveling through Kenya?

I would say this is an awesome platform to help Kenyans get to know their country and the beauty that lies in it. We should explore our country first before we go visiting other countries. Kenya is our pride and I’m proud to be part of it.

  1. Funtravel Hot Seat: You have been invited for a road-trip, have three people to invite on board but you have only two seats left; John Allan Namu, Biko Adema or Nick Mutuma. One will sit next to you (at the front), the other will sit at the back of the bus and the third will not board. Who will be where?

Hahaha, this is easy. Definitely, Nick Mutuma would be sitting at the front with me, have you seen how hot he is? I would marry him in a second. Biko Adema will take the back seat, I love a brother but I’m not into light skin dudes. He is just my eye candy. Finally, it’s sad that I would have to leave John Allan Namu but he broke my heart when he got married. Keep calm, it’s never that serious. Hehe


PS: All photos courtesy of Cindy

We are grateful to Cindy for the interview. If you have any comments, please share on the comments’ section or via our twitter page @funtravelke . You can also suggest anyone to be considered for future interviews. Thank you.

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