THE MAASAI MARA EXPERIENCE -2 nights to the max!


I was in the Mara for two days max and it was the sweetest shortest  paradise I got to experience.I traveled on a cold Wednesday morning with a few favourite family members.I love the slogan”Happiness is a holiday just us”.It does not really matter the destination or amount of people tagging along .Its all about refreshing,reconnecting and creating bonds that may have been lost along the way.The Maasai  Mara was beautiful and it  has to be on of my favorite tour destinations. I stayed at the Maasai Mara Serena Lodges.This experience marks number one on my travel diaries.

At the Mara Serena Safari Lodge,Kenya At the Mara Serena Safari Lodge,Kenya

Ever since I was young I would occasionally wonder what animal I could be.I always thought I would be a birdie.I now know which specific birdie I would be after being in theAfrican savannahs ,that is ,”the Lilac breasted Lola”.Her feathers possesed my favourite colours.She was…

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