MOMBASA CULTURAL FESTIVAL-August 14th -23rd 2015

Wangechi Gitahi

The day started with light showers but hey,when has this ever stopped me.So with no umbrella at hand,I used my shawl as my cover..funny,mombasa rain is not cold so not too bad.The place was filled with various corporates ,but,I will skip all that to the juicy part -culture.There was a wide array of culture but I will only highlight a few .Let your corporate friends know that if they want a mention here ,they should talk to me “Kando”-on the side.Ok,I digress.

Out of the Norm:

Allow me to start off with an event that happened later in the day ,but due respect needs to always be accorded and thus-a normal day turned to be one of those extra ordinary days. The festival received a few “special guests.”The kind that ,if they visited your home,your mother would remove the exclusive cutlery and crockery “ya wageni” -for visitors.She would be running…

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IMG_5944Hi there, another Friday is here. Welcome to this week’s Hot Seat!

  1. First, just tell us about yourself and what you are involved in.

I am Valery Cindy Namisi, 22 years of age, I have 2 brothers and live in madaraka estate. I am a fourth year student at Daystar University, athi river campus, majoring in communication, electronic media, so you can say I’m a journalist in the making. I also have a business, where I get to travel at very low and affordable prices and make a living travelling. I’m a yellow (Take the personality test at ), which makes me the sensitive soul in terms of personality. And I guess if you want to hide anything from me, you can hide it in a book. Continue reading “KNOW THE OTHER TRAVELER: CINDY NAMISI”

THE MAASAI MARA EXPERIENCE -2 nights to the max!


I was in the Mara for two days max and it was the sweetest shortest  paradise I got to experience.I traveled on a cold Wednesday morning with a few favourite family members.I love the slogan”Happiness is a holiday just us”.It does not really matter the destination or amount of people tagging along .Its all about refreshing,reconnecting and creating bonds that may have been lost along the way.The Maasai  Mara was beautiful and it  has to be on of my favorite tour destinations. I stayed at the Maasai Mara Serena Lodges.This experience marks number one on my travel diaries.

At the Mara Serena Safari Lodge,Kenya At the Mara Serena Safari Lodge,Kenya

Ever since I was young I would occasionally wonder what animal I could be.I always thought I would be a birdie.I now know which specific birdie I would be after being in theAfrican savannahs ,that is ,”the Lilac breasted Lola”.Her feathers possesed my favourite colours.She was…

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NFvewdXpYou have probably seen his social media accounts, or even interacted with him about tourism, all we know is that he loves Naivasha..hehe! On twitter his handle is @MaMarvo, @Marvoma on Instagram and known as Marvin Ama Marvo on facebook. We wanted to know him better. Welcome to this week’s Hot Seat! Continue reading “KNOW THE OTHER TRAVELER: MARVIN OGOLLA @MaMarvo”

Dear Travel Diary: I Wish I could Go Back

I had never been to this part of the world, had heard it on the news definitely, many times, but never been here. The weather was humid and cold, very cold. The vegetation was all green around, and the ground wet. The hills around us seemed to watch us, wondering who were these visitors all covered up heavily while the sun was shining, with the same looks the local persons were giving elgon Continue reading “Dear Travel Diary: I Wish I could Go Back”


526451_10200191238438059_1283840572_n15 interviews later and we thought we could do with some changes in our weekly ‘Know The Other Traveler’ posts. We have done a lot of writing so far, putting the friends we have made in our infamous hotseat. So today, we decided to try a video interview.

We requested Ivan Malala, a friend of FunTravel Kenya for an interview and he invited us to his home. Here it is.