Road trip on two wheels

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How far have you ever walked on foot? To the second question, how far have you ever been on a bike? (Not motorbike, but bike minus motor? Like a Mountain bike and such)


My weekend of 12th July will remain in history. I begun my weekend to be precise, I begun my weekend from a Bar!!! Sam’s Pavilion



Much is running in your mind when I say I begun my weekend in a bar. However, to make things clear;


The date was 12th of July a nice Saturday all had been waited for long to arrive and finally it did. A day that was dedicated to my best activity I love to do, cycling. It all begun with as usual of a trip, gathering of some “baiskeli” adventure seekers at Nairobi City then followed a road trip toward the entrance   mmmhhhhh


Departure took place leaving behind fellow adventure seekers headed…

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