10661284_1532565866976221_318470808_nOn the hot seat for today’s interview is Caroline Waithira, just recently returned to Kenya from life in Europe. Get her via her website or via her social media accounts, that is @carolroca2 on both twitter and instagram.



ObamaCare, but for our tourism

The son of the land is coming back. Somebody should be publishing a book already, and launching it on Thursday, just before he jets in. Where is that entrepreneurship skill I know we all have? The articles, the TV shows and radio interviews have been all about Obama this week, and I bet this will go on for another 2 weeks or so. As usual, social media is usually on the forefront on such matters. Hashtag topics have been the in thing, with tags such as , and already trending. Take a look. Continue reading “ObamaCare, but for our tourism”

My One And Only Karabiner

Nice one!!

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Date July 18th a Saturday it was when everything was all based and depended on this small but most important equipment for the sake of my well being suspended above the ground.

Karabiner, am yet to learn the right pronunciation is (I can’t definitely define it) a buckle like safety equipment whenever you are doing climbs or suspension on ropes, from rock climbing etc.


The image above is what is a Karabiner

Also below is a Karabiner


Yes, imagine the whole day having to depend on that simple equipment and few ropes as the only security from your crush down below where you are suspended. The truth be told, it is a new vocabulary to me and to many were together on this day.


As usual, it was at Hilton hotel right outside the Bata shop. I love telling people of where this adventure seekers meet before departure. It was…

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Amos in the background

Strathmore University represented. This is Amos Ng’ang’a. Check out his social accounts for more of him; @Amos_Nganga on twitter and @amosnganga on instagram.

  1. First, just tell us about yourself and what you are involved in.

I am a young dedicated programmer in his early stages of adulthood, an undergraduate student at Strathmore University studying one of the IT courses provided. Continue reading “KNOW THE OTHER TRAVELER: AMOS NG’ANG’A”

Road trip on two wheels

my travel stories


How far have you ever walked on foot? To the second question, how far have you ever been on a bike? (Not motorbike, but bike minus motor? Like a Mountain bike and such)


My weekend of 12th July will remain in history. I begun my weekend to be precise, I begun my weekend from a Bar!!! Sam’s Pavilion



Much is running in your mind when I say I begun my weekend in a bar. However, to make things clear;


The date was 12th of July a nice Saturday all had been waited for long to arrive and finally it did. A day that was dedicated to my best activity I love to do, cycling. It all begun with as usual of a trip, gathering of some “baiskeli” adventure seekers at Nairobi City then followed a road trip toward the entrance   mmmhhhhh


Departure took place leaving behind fellow adventure seekers headed…

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Amboseli Bush Camp – Simple Is As Simple Does

The Kenyan Camper

In our daily lives sometimes we tend to over complicate things. We make decisions that cause us more stress than necessary, we hang around people who drain our positive energy, we down play our achievements and dwell on our mistakes. Then when we look into inward we can only ask ourselves “Why do things have to be so hard?”.

Sorry, strange way to start a travel article I know, but this next place really did put the thought of how simplicity  can be such a positive force in our lives. Because if there’s a place that personifies the concept of “just enough” its Amboseli Bush Camp.

amboseli-bush-camp-kenya-42 Early morning view of Mount Kilimanjaro from camp.

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Hike Over The Ngong Hills



Distance from Nairobi About 22km. Use Ngong Road to Ngong Town
Starting Point Ngong Police Station or Ngong Hills Gate
Ending point Kona Baridi(Complete hike, but not safe), Ngong Police Station or Ngong Hills Gate
Walking Duration 4 – 5 hours
Terrain Initially a dirt road till the radio masts, then trails over the rolling hills for the rest of the way.
Difficulty Moderate. Can get very windy.

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A waterfalls hunt adventure

my travel stories


The date of the adventure was 4th July 2015. The destinations in mind included Chania falls, Magura falls including magura caves also known as Queen’s cave and end it all with Karuru waterfall that falls among Kenya’s longest waterfalls.



The day started of with a weather that was kind of a threat with heavy skies. This day I was joined by fellow adventure seekers, lovers of nature and ambassadors of Kenyan domestic tourism with the help of Bush Thorn adventures.


In time and in boiling with adventures off we were from the concrete world of Nairobi engine hot and mind set for the Aberdares National park.


As usual, just like adventure seekers we had to check out and refresh our mind with stop over at major stopovers this time was at the Rift valley view point. Clicking on was the moment that we boasted of powerful phones to differences of…

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