To Hell & Back

Nyambura Mutanyi

Actually, to Hell’s Gate.

I went there on the Sunday before Madaraka Day with a friend to camp over one night.

It was my first time camping without a large group (Scout/school group) and I was filled with anxiety. What if it didn’t work out & there we were; stranded in a national park? I shudder to imagine.

We took public transport till the road to Elsa Gate. It was slightly under KSh 300 to get there (Ksh 200 from Nairobi to Naivasha Town, KSh 80 to the Elsa Gate bus stop) and then KSh 100 for a boda boda to the Elsa Gate.

We had thought of hiking to our campsite but the urge to cycle was strong so we thought of renting a KWS bike. There were none (they rent bikes out at KSh 600) so we got one from one of the bike rental guys at the bus…

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