Dear Travel Diary: What To Carry?

What Can’t You Do Without?

That has to be the hardest question you can ask a first time traveler on any journey. They always want to carry everything, ending up with a heavy bag, if not several of them. And so on this trip, the main purpose was to give us a lesson or two about packing light. And of course, experience the wonderful Kenya.

kakamega (1)                kakamega032

We were a small number, less than ten in number. Our destination, a campsite in Kakamega Forest for two nights. I know what you are thinking, how hard can it be to pack a few clothes for just two nights? Actually it’s not, till you realize you have a sleeping bag, a mattress, blankets, your personal items and those clothes to fit in a medium sized King’s collection bag.

I first got my sleeping bag in, sleep is more important than food..or so I thought. Only to realize my bag got full with theDSC_4222 sleeping bag being the only packed item. I had to repack. The mattress, the smallest size you can think of went in first this time, squeezed and rolled into the size of a 2L soda bottle. Then the blankets. The bag was full!

Another repack was needed. This time round I had learnt a few lessons, so I packed one blanket, instead of three, a few clothes, mostly shorts and t shirts and a jacket. The electronics had to be reduced to. I had to do away with the small camera, the extra camera batteries, the power-bank and the tripod stand. The mattress was to be carried on one hand and water on the other. A good lesson learnt, pack light and necessary.

kakamega               Kakamega-forest-Night

What Would You Pack and What Would You Sacrifice?

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